Casino Gamblers are NPC's available during the Burns' Casino 2016 Event.

They serve as the usual roaming characters. They are spawned ever 5 minutes until the amount of 30 is reached. When the town is filled further Casino Gamblers are spawned to a bank and moved from the bank into the town as soon as some of them are tapped by the player.

The bank also can't hold more than 30 Casino Gamblers. So if the player doesn't clear their town at least every five hours, any additional spawns will be lost.

Rewards Edit

When tapped they give 10 Red Chips (Act 1), 20 Green Chips (Act 2) or 20 Blue Chips (Act 3). They can also be encountered in friends' towns, however only the first 89 friend actions of each day will reward currency (10 per tap). Rewards from friend actions can be double by purchasing the Refer-A-Friend Card.

In the player's town there is an additional chance to obtain crafting currencies or a Casino Token. These payout are shown in the table below.

Reward Chance
Casino Token1 15%
Casino Keychain1 2%
Casino Coaster1 2%
Casino Martini1 4%
Casino Show Ticket1 4%

Trivia Edit

  • The second kind of gambler bears a resemblance to the Old Jewish Man.
  • A server update on March 11, 2016 increased the amount of chips rewarded from 10 up to 20, likewise the chances to drop a casino token was increased from 10 to 15%.

Gallery Edit

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