Casino Courtesy Chips (Casino Courtesy Chip) were a limited-time currency available during the Burns' Casino 2016 Event. It is effectively a consolation prize, obtained only when the player loses the minigame at Gaming Moe's. Courtesy Chips are used in crafting, but can only be used to craft the event's primary currency, red, green or blue chips (whichever color is active at the time).

Each loss awards one Courtesy Chip. Ten chips can be used to craft 100 of the regular chip currency. A Courtesy Chip is therefore effectively worth 10 regular chips.

Crafting Edit

Act 1

Prize Cost Reward
Casino Red Chip100 Casino Courtesy Chip10 N/A

Act 2

Prize Cost Reward
Casino Green Chip100 Casino Courtesy Chip10 N/A

Act 3

Prize Cost Reward
Casino Blue Chip100 Casino Courtesy Chip10 N/A

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