Career Aspirations is a Level 35 quest chain. It has 5 parts.


Quest Requirements Time Reward
Career Aspirations Pt. 1 Build the DMV 4h Cash100
Career Aspirations Pt. 2 Make Patty Work at the DMV
Make Selma Work at the DMV


Career Aspirations Pt. 3 Make Marge Look for Homer's License 12h Cash100
Career Aspirations Pt. 4 Make Homer Take Driver Training 4h Cash100
Career Aspirations Pt. 5 Make Patty Take a Smoke Break
Make Selma Take a Smoke Break




Career Aspirations Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Don’t you she-trolls have anywhere else to be?"
Patty Icon "Sorry, Chunky Cheese. There’s no DMV anymore, so we don’t have jobs."
Selma Icon "That’s right, so we’re just going to hang out all day and-- Hey, where’d he go?"
Patty Icon "There, through that Homer-shaped hole in the wall. Weird to see the Crisco Kid move so fast."
Selma Icon "Yeah, it’s like watching a walrus juggle."
Patty Icon "I wonder what he was in such a hurry to do."

Career Aspirations Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Patty Icon "Back at the DMV. Let the slow dying begin."
Selma Icon "Hey, there were parts of this job we loved. Like that time the line stretched out the door while you stood at your window stapling papers."
Patty Icon "I am pretty proud of that."
Selma Icon "Everyone in line was fuming! You wouldn't even make eye-contact."
Patty Icon "I ran out of staples in the first minute, but I “stapled” ‘til my lunch-break. That was pure sense-memory acting."
Selma Icon "A lot of people don’t realize -— a big part of this job is mental."


Character Dialogue
Patty Icon "Next!"
Smithers Icon "Finally! This line is so long! Let’s get this done quickly -— Mr. Burns is already gonna kill me."
Patty Icon "This is gonna be a gooooood day!"

Career Aspirations Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Marge! Where’s my driver’s license?"
Marge Icon "How would I know?"
Homer Icon "Because you know where everything is. Remember when I couldn't find my sandwich last week?"
Marge Icon "I happened to see it in the soap dish when I was cleaning the shower."
Homer Icon "Please help me find my license! My wallet feels so naked without it."
Marge Icon "Sure. It’ll give me an excuse to take the couch pillows off and put them back again."
"It makes me feel like I work in a couch pillow factory!"
Homer Icon "We all have our little fantasies!"


Character Dialogue
Marge Icon "I found your license, Homie, but it’s expired. You’ll have to renew it."
Homer Icon "Eh, what’s the point? Nobody drives here anymore."
Marge Icon "Well, you’d need it if we were at a bar and wanted to order a– Hey, where’d he go?"
Homer Icon "Now there are two Homer-shaped holes in the wall!"

Career Aspirations Pt. 4Edit


Character Dialogue
Patty Icon "Selma! Look who’s stumbled into our web!"
Homer Icon "I’m here to renew my license."
Selma Icon "You were right, Patty. Combining our birthday wishes made it come true!"
Patty Icon "He’s ours to torture for as long as we want!"
Homer Icon "Will you two Lady Shreks just get on with it?"


Character Dialogue
Selma Icon "Congratulations, Fat Boy Fat, you’ve passed your four hours road test."
Homer Icon "I’m pretty sure the officially sanctioned road test does not include driving back and forth in front of your ex-boyfriend’s house."
Selma Icon "You should be glad that I give extra credit for throwing rocks at his window because you suck at parallel parking."

Career Aspirations Pt. 5Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Finally out of that car! Both of you blowing smoke in my face… *coughs* I think you gave me asthma."
"Great. The one thing I had going for me was my sexy, clear airways."
Patty Icon "Relax, Lard Hamilton, I’ll show you how to fix that."
"Cross your eyes. Now let your mouth go slack until a little bit of drool dribbles out… Perfect!"
Homer Icon "What was that flash?"
"You took my license photo?! C’mon, take a non-drooly one!"
Patty Icon "Sorry, it’s time for our break."
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