Cards Are Read, Marge's Hair is Blue is the main quest chain from the Valentine's Day 2014 Event.

During the Valentine's Day 2015 Event, the parts of the questline with Mindy were re-released under the name Much Ado About Mindy.


Quest Requirements Time
Cards are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue Pt. 1 Reach Level 6 and Build Cletus' Farm
Harvest Valentine's Roses.
Cards are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue Pt. 2 Spin the Wheel of Friendship. -
Where's the Love? Visit Friends and Send Valentine's (x3). -
Cards are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue Pt. 3 Make Ned Sing a Valentine's Ditty. 6h
A Rose is a Rose is a Rose Harvest Valentine's Roses (x3)
Place Valentine's Roses from Storage (x3).
24h (x3)
Cards are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue Pt. 4 Build Madame Chao's. 12h
Return to Sender Make Milhouse Follow and Stare at Lisa . 16h
Cards Are Read, Marge's Hair is Blue Pt. 5 Reach Level 11 and Build the Control Building
Make Homer Work a Plant Shift.
Make Mindy Work a Plant Shift.
Cards Are Read, Marge's Hair is Blue Pt. 6 Make Mindy Ride Motorcycle 24h
Cards Are Read, Marge's Hair is Blue Pt. 7 Have a Lawn Chair.

Make Mindy Work on Tan
Make Homer Buy Champagne.

Cards Are Read, Marge's Hair is Blue Pt. 8 Make Homer Eat at Madame Chao's
Make Mindy Eat at Madame Chao's.
Cards are Read, Marge's Hair is Blue Pt. 9 Reach Level 15 and Build Moe's Tavern.

Make Marge Go for a Romantic Stroll with Homer.

Cards are Read, Marge's Hair is Blue Pt. 10 Make Homer Go on a Valentine's Date with Marge . 8h


Cards are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "You know, Dad. Valentine’s Day is coming up. Perhaps this year you could do something romantic for Mom."
Homer Icon "What are you talking about? My Valentine’s gifts are always romantic."
Lisa Icon "There’s nothing romantic about sweatpants with the word “Juicy” on the butt."
Homer Icon "It’s sexy! Tons of off-duty starlets wear them."
Lisa Icon "Not with “Juicy” written in marker pen."
Homer Icon "But women like handmade gifts!"
Lisa Icon "No, that’s just something we say."
Homer Icon "Fine, I’ll stop by Cletus’s farm and get her some roses."
Lisa Icon *gasp* "You’re buying from a local farmer? My browbeating paid off! Just when I thought I was coming off as strident, you’ve encouraged me to hector more than ever."
Homer Icon "Yippee."


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Okay, I got roses. Valentine’s gift…done!"
Lisa Icon "Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Roses are just an accompaniment. They’re like a side dish. You still need to get something big, like jewelry or a weekend get-away, as the entree."
Homer Icon "Great, now I have to go shopping. And dining. Your analogy made me hungry."

Cards are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Krusty Icon "Hey hey. It’s Valentine’s Day! Your change to tell that special someone in your life..."
"...and all the unknown weirdos you friended to get your numbers up..."
"...that you acknowledge their existence – in order to get free stuff on a phone game!"
"And here’s something totally new – The “Wheel of Friendship!"
Homer Icon "Wait, isn’t that the same wheel you put out for Christmas?"
Krusty Icon "No, that wheel was totally rigged. This one is only a little bit rigged. Also, it’s pink!"


Character Dialogue
Krusty Icon "Great spinning! You are one step closer to getting the Tunnel of Love ride in Krustyland."
Marge Icon "I usually don’t like theme parks because they’re loud and their rides are whiplashy, but I might actually go to Krustyland if it had a Tunnel of Love!"
Krusty Icon "And isn’t that what we’re all looking for? The female demographic! Get to work! Get that Tunnel of Love! Get chicks to come to Krustyland!"

Where's the Love?Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Hey, I actually like this spinning thing. I'm going to do it again."
Krusty Icon "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wheels don't just spin themselves you know!"
Professor Frink Icon "M M-hey! Actually, due to centripetal force-"
Krusty Icon "Whoa, who's interrupting me? You gotta be B-list or above to interrupt me!"
Krusty Icon "And if you want to spin the wheel, you gotta cough up some Hearts."
Homer Icon "How do we get Hearts?"
Lisa Icon "Last year we earned Hearts by exchanging Valentine's with our friends. I can't wait to see what new and exciting way we earn Hearts this year!"
Earn Hearts by exchanging Valentine's with your friends.
— In Game Message

Cards are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "C'mon, stupid friends! Give me Valentines! Show me how much you love me, your stupid, stupid jerks!"
Ned Icon "Well hi-diddely ho, Homer-eeno. I'd be glad to show you just how much your friendship means to me!"
Homer Icon "Stupid Flanders. Shut up and hand over the Valentines!"
Ned Icon "I'll do you even better than a Valentine."
Homer Icon "No! NO! I don't want better! Noooooo!"

A rose is a Rose is a RoseEdit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Did you know that each Rose Bush you plant lowers carbon in the atmosphere by 0.000000000001%? Also, they look pretty!"
You can keep planting roses at Cletus's farm for extra Hearts and Rose Bush decorations. In fact, you have to!
— In Game Message

Cards are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue Pt. 4Edit


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Hey Lisa, I thought of an amazing Valentine present for your mom - dinner at a restaurant she's never been to."
Lisa Icon "Hmm, that's nice... but I wouldn't call it "amazing.""
Homer Icon "And I'm going to build that restaurant from scratch in twenty four hours."
Lisa Icon "Okay, that is pretty amazing."


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Hello there! I'd like to book a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day."
Host Icon "I regret we are fully booked for Valentine's Day."
Homer Icon "What?!"
Host Icon "It's a fancy way of saying, "You Not Eat Here."
Homer Icon "But I just built this place! How can you be fully booked?!"
Host Icon "Yes, Sir, I agree it is unlikely. It almost seems like I'm just saying that because we don't serve your kind."
Homer Icon "What?!"
Host Icon "Your Kind": loutish, impolite, cheap-os."
"Thank you so much for leaving now."

Return to SenderEdit


Character Dialogue
Milhouse Icon "This Valentine's I'm going to win Lisa over by combining my two best moves: following and staring."


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Ew, goo-goo eyes and kissy lips. You know why some salmon never get to spawn? They make that face.

Cards are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue Pt. 5Edit


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Stupid restaurant! I think they were still mad about the stuff I tracked in that we thought was dog poop but turned out to be much, much worse."
Lenny Icon "Homer, stop telling the “I couldn’t get a reservation story” already."
Carl Icon "Yeah, usually, we like inane chatter but that, like, criminally inane."
Mindy Icon "Hi, Homer! It’s me, Mindy! I’m working here again. It’s great to see you."
Homer Icon "Blerf…"
Mindy Icon "Um, okay. Guess I’ll see you around. Bye!"
Homer Icon "Blerf!"
Lenny Icon "Hey, Homer, isn't she the woman to whom you had an unnaturally strong physical attraction?"
Carl Icon "The only woman who made you question your love for Marge?"
Homer Icon "Blerf blerf. Blerf be-blerf blerf, blerf."
Lenny Icon "Oopsie, looks like she short-circuited his brain, should we do something?"
Carl Icon "Nah, he’ll tell the restaurant story again. Just push him over to his console, he’ll be fine."

Job startedEdit

Character Dialogue
Mindy Icon "Oh hi, Homer! Imagine meeting you here. Small world, huh?"
Homer Icon "Even smaller elevator."
Mindy Icon "Hmm, now that your face is inches away from mine I can see you look sad. What’s wrong?"
Homer Icon "I’m trying to do something nice for Marge for Valentine’s Day and well, it’s frustrating."
Mindy Icon "So, you’re still married?"
Homer Icon "Pretty much, yeah."
Mindy Icon "Well, I've got an idea that will solve all your problems."

Cards are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue Pt. 6Edit


Character Dialogue
Mindy Icon "So, Homer did you think about what we talked about?"
Homer Icon "I don't know... I'm not really that kind of guy."
Mindy Icon "That's what makes it so perfect! Marge will never suspect!"
Mindy Icon "Look, just think about it. While you do, I'll ride my motorcycle all around town."
Homer Icon " "groan" Are you gonna look cool while you do it?"
Mindy Icon "Probably."
Homer Icon " "groan" "


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Okay Mindy. I've thought it over. I'm in!"
Mindy Icon "Woo hoo!"

Cards are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue Pt. 7Edit


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Okay, I can't believe we're actually gonna do this. I'll go pick up some champagne."
Mindy Icon "And I'll scope out a secluded spot on the beach. It'll give me a chance to work on my tan."


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Apu, give me a bottle of your finest convenience store champagne!"
Apu Icon "Certainly, I will go in the back and make you a fresh bottle while you wait."
Homer Icon "Oooo! Custom Champagne!"
Apu Icon "I'll just grab this box of wine and these fizzy cold medicine tablets and be right back."


Character Dialogue
Mindy Icon "I guess you could have a picnic on this beach. if you have a blanket thick enough to protect you from hypodermic needles. And wild dogs."


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Apu's champagne tastes terrible. Though it did relieve my sneezing, coughing, stuffy head, and fever."
Mindy Icon "The beach was a bust too. There's a huge bum fight going on. I think it's some kind of championship."
Homer Icon "Maybe it just wasn't meant to be."
Mindy Icon "Oh, you know I'm not going to accept that."

Cards are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue Pt. 8Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Dad, where are you going? Why are you all dressed up?"
Homer Icon "I'm heading to Madame Chao's with Mindy."
Lisa Icon "Shouldn't you be planning a Valentine's surprise for Mom instead of eating a romantic lunch with this co-worker woman?"
Homer Icon "Lisa, don't you think I can do two things at once? It's called two-timing and I happen to be great at it."


Character Dialogue
Mindy Icon "Isn't everything delicious? By the way, Homer, you smell great!"
Homer Icon "I tried something new - a shower. I hope that doesn't tip Marge off!"
Lisa Icon "Look at him showered, eating with utensils, cheating on Mom. What's happening to Dad?"

Cards are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue Pt. 9Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Tonight is the night. Are you ready to do it?"
Mindy Icon "I don't know what you're waiting for, big guy! Let's do it right now!"
Lisa Icon "Oh my God! Right here? Now, while I'm spying on them? I can feel the psychological scars forming!"
Mindy Icon "Okay, step one: Get that wife of yours out of the house."
Homer Icon "Perfect! You know, you're pretty romantic when you want to be."
Lisa Icon "What the heck?!"

Cards are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue Pt. 10Edit


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Stop right there, Dad. This has gone far enough! You have to tell Mom what's going on between you and that Mindy woman!"
Homer Icon "But Lisa, Marge isn't suppose to know about what's going on between me and Mindy!"
Marge Icon "WHAT?!"
Homer Icon "Mindy was helping me plan a romantic picnic on the beach but the beach was dangerous and the champagne was gross but surprisingly still very drinkable."
Lisa Icon "But what about the date you had with her at that restaurant?"
Homer Icon "We were picking up food for dinner tonight, but we knew the only way to keep me from eating it all the way home, was for me to eat a huge lunch at the restaurant."
Homer Icon "Right now, while we're strolling, Mindy is setting up a romantic picnic dinner at our house, with no wild dogs, or bums. Unless she really strays from the plan we made."
Marge Icon "Oh, Homer, you are such a good Valentine! Thank you!"
Lisa Icon "I'm sorry Dad. It's just the dialogue between you and Mindy was so ... Misleading. Almost intentionally so."
Homer Icon "Misleading?! You're Crazy. Now, if you'll excuse me. I'm going to leave your mother"
Lisa Icon "What?"
Homer Icon "And flower her. You know, give her a bouquet of leaves and flowers. What did you think I meant?"
Lisa Icon "Grrrrr"


Character Dialogue
Marge Icon "This was Wonderful, Homer. Happy Valentine's Day."
Homer Icon "You too, Sweetie. And since it's all take out, you don't have to clean up. We can just let the dog eat the paper plates."
Marge Icon "Um, I'll just throw them in the trash."
Homer Icon "You crazy romantic kook, you."
Homer Icon "*smooch*"
Marge Icon "*smooch*"
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