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How to Unlock

15th Friend Point prize

Level required


Need to collect




Payout increase


Conform-O-Meter Impact

Vanity: +2000

The Canyonero is a decoration which was released with the Level 50 update as part of the Friend Points prizes. The Canyonero can also be placed on the beach.

About Edit

The Canyonero is the trademark Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) in The Simpsons. It was endorsed by Krusty the Clown when it first appeared in "The Last Temptation of Krust". It is a large red SUV and was introduced just as the SUV craze began to hit the United States. The design is basically a parody of the large SUV and the "I own an SUV, therefore, I own the road" style of driving. The theme song helps to demonstrate this. Homer buys a red Canyonero in "Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers" ", but soon realizes he bought the F-series. ("F" presumably means "Female".) The only difference between it and the normal model is the horn and the cigarette lighter being replaced by a lipstick holder. He refuses to drive it, not wanting to be seen as a homosexual; when Marge drives it, it sends her into a state of road rage. It is actually a parody of a Jeep Wagoneer, and while also have similarities to the Ford Excursion. It also worth noting the similiarities in exterior design between the Simpson family station wagon and the Canyonero, from the basic outline to the color. One might say that it is simply the Simpson's wagon on a truck frame and with an angled front fascia.

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Dialogue Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Rollingeyes Icon "Just what this family needs... yet another car."
Lisa Annoyed Icon "And an overpriced gas guzzler at that! What is this, 1998?"

Trivia Edit

  • When Lisa goes "What is this, 1998?", it's a reference to the fact that the episode introducing the Canyonero, The Last Temptation of Krust, premiered in 1998.

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