Candy Apples (Candy Apples Currency Icon) was a limited time currency during the Treehouse of Horror XXVI Event. Collecting a certain number of Candy Apples unlocked personal prizes for the Player.

Candy Apples were collected by squishing Nightmares, completing certain questlines, tapping M'nthster when he is flying around the player's town, attacking him at the Spooky Campfire, defeating M'nthster at the Sunken Temple, and sending Kids to Hunt Nightmares. These methods could only be performed during Act Three of the event.


Name Need to Collect Total
Bones Currency Icon50, Brains Currency Icon50, Bunny Ears Currency Icon50, Snake Eggs Currency Icon50 Candy Apples Currency Icon180 Candy Apples Currency Icon180
Apu's Apocalypse Jeep Candy Apples Currency Icon360 Candy Apples Currency Icon540
Holiday Homer Candy Apples Currency Icon1620 Candy Apples Currency Icon2160
U.F.P. Candy Apples Currency Icon2880 Candy Apples Currency Icon5040
Re-Neducation Center Candy Apples Currency Icon4230 Candy Apples Currency Icon9270

Trivia Edit

  • Candy Apples could not be obtained from Star Spawn.
    • Because of this, they couldn't be obtained from visiting Origin friends, contrary to the previous two acts.

Gallery Edit

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