See my chest, see my chest, my gem-encrusted chest!
— Burns Dragon's unlock message

Burns Dragon is a premium character released during the Treehouse of Horror XXVIII Event. It's unlocked after placing Burns Dragon's Pile of Treasure, as part of limited-time Gil Deal: Burns Dragon Promotion. He is a counterpart of Mr. Burns.

It returned on October 3, 2018 during the Treehouse of Horror XXIX Event as a possible prize in the Magical Mystery Box. It returned again on June 12, 2019 during Act 1 of the Game of Games 2019 Event as part of the Burns Dragon Bundle.

Releasing Prizes Edit

Captured and enchanted Burns Dragon can be released from Burns Dragon's Pile of Treasure and after 4 hours, player gets:

  • Wands Icon 100, Goblin Gold Icon 20 (Act 1)
  • Fairy Dust Icon 100, Goblin Gold Icon 40 (Act 2)
  • Toad Princes Icon 100, Goblin Gold Icon 80 (Act 3)
  • Cash 500, XP 45 (after event)

and one of these three decorations:

These decorations are not unique, player can obtain them repeatedly

Gallery Edit

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