Burns' Summer Mansion is a limited-time building released on June 14, 2016 as part of the Superheroes 2016 Event.

It was re-released on January 11, 2017, as part of The Great Phatsby Promotional with both façades already rewarded.

About Edit

Burns' Summer Mansion is a summer mansion owned by Mr. Burns.

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Upgrades Edit

During the event it behaved as an upgradable building with (theoretical) maximum of 10000 upgrade levels. In order to upgrade it, the player had to pay Square Inches depending on the level. Each level had a cost of six times the level wanted, i.e. level 7 required the Mansion to be on level 6 and 42 Square Inches. All levels gave an increase in tap radius. In addition, level 5 unlocked the West Wing façade, and level 15 unlocked the Both Wings façade. Once a façade was unlocked, the player is allowed to switch between all available ones.

Level Effect Level Cost
5 Increases Tap Radius
Unlock the West Wing
Square Inch30
15 Increases Tap Radius
Unlock the East Wing
Square Inch90
$ n,\ n \ne 5 \ n \ne 15 $ Increases Tap Radius Square Inch$ 6 \times n $

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs


  • Evaluate Unused Property - 2h

Event's Quest Based Jobs

Bouncing Battle Baby

  • Test Flooring Resistance - 4h

Charcoal Briquette

  • Burn Incense - 4h

Citizen Solar

  • Install Solar Panels - 4h

Clobber Girl

  • Rearrange Furniture - 4h


  • Blow Dust Off Surfaces - 4h

Cyborg Snake

  • Eliminate Vermin - 4h

Fallout Boy

  • Scrub the Floors With a Toothbrush - 4h
  • Embrace the Gung-Ho Style - 8h
  • Forget His Manners - 12h

Old King Coal

  • Boss People Around - 4h

Pie Man

  • Eat 50 Year Old Snacks - 4h
  • Look-Up "Gung-Ho" in the Dictionary - 8h
  • Learn to Be Cruel - 12h

Stretch Dude

  • Unclog Drains - 4h

The Collector

  • Duct Tape the Windows - 4h

The Fracker

  • Refill Oil Tank - 4h

The Scout Master

  • Apply Feng Shui - 4h

Wind Lad

  • Blow Off Spider Webs - 4h

Character Groups
Sequel Squad

  • Lay Low - 24h

Promo's Quest Based Jobs

Mr. Burns

  • Visit the Summer Mansion - 6s

Trivia Edit

  • It can only be placed on grass.
  • With the Winter 2016 Event, a gold door mat with MB initials was added to the mansion only with the 'Both Wings' façade.


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