Burning the Midnight Oil is a premium questline released on September 17, 2014 during the Level 45 update. This quest takes place after The Way I Wish We Was if the player has The Rich Texan.


Quest Requirements Triggered By Time
Burning the Midnight Oil Make Artie Practice his Tennis Serving Skills
Make The Rich Texan Raise the Price of Midnight Oil
Artie 60m


Burning the Midnight OilEdit


Character Dialogue
The Rich Texan Icon "You're a dirty cheat, Artie Ziff!"
"I lost millions on your bum stock! I had to sell off 10% of my hat collection and 15% of my horse."
Artie Ziff Icon "That's unfortunate, but as the expression goes -- hate the game, not the player."
The Rich Texan Icon "I live my life by one expression and one expression only -- I don't like expressions!"
Artie Ziff Icon "Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to burn some midnight oil if I plan to get my tennis serve back to millionaire status."
The Rich Texan Icon "Burn that midnight oil while you can. I will have my vengeance, and it will be as swift as it is shocking!"
Artie Ziff Icon "For the record, I'm not going to meet you in any town squares at noon."
The Rich Texan Icon "Then my vengeance will be less swift than previously anticipated."


Character Dialogue
The Rich Texan Icon "How's burning all that midnight oil treating ya, Artie?"
Artie Ziff Icon "Odd that you ask. I just tried to purchase some more and they said my card was declined."
The Rich Texan Icon "That's because I own all the midnight oil fields this side of the Middle East. And I raised the price 500 times!"
Artie Ziff Icon "How crude!"
The Rich Texan Icon "And I raised the price of crude 1000 times!"
"I believe your expression is, hate the game, not the player. Yee-haw!"
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