The Bumblebee Man quests are a series of quests featuring Bumblebee Man. Parts of this quest require the Springfield Library, Town Hall and Channel 6 to be built.


Quest Requirements Reward
A Del Dos Sano Terrible Make Bumblebee Man Ay, Dios no me ama! Cash100
Ay... Carumba! Make Bumblebee Man Nada Es Bueno! Cash100
Bumblebee Man's Secret Shame-O Make Bumblebee Man Attend Lessones Espanolas Cash100
Me averiado el Cuerpo! Make Commenco El Divorcio! Cash100
Dateline: Unemployment Make Bumblebee Man Fill In as News Anchor Cash100
Channel Ocho! Make Bumblebee Man Acto en Show el Channel Ocho Cash100


A Del Dos Sano TerribleEdit

Character Dialogue
Bumblebee Man Icon "Ah! Un bueno dia to playa beisbol in the parko!"

Ay... Carumba!Edit

Character Dialogue
Bumblebee Man Sad Icon "Ay! Nada es bueno in el world-o!"

Bumblebee Man's Secret Shame-OEdit

Character Dialogue
Bumblebee Man Sad Icon I have a terrible confession to make - I don't understand Spanish. I'm from Norway!"
Lisa Icon "Really? How is that even possible?"
Bumblebee Man Icon "I only know a few Spanish words and phrases. Ay, ay, ay es muy mal!... is one of them."

Me averiado el Cuerpo!Edit

Character Dialogue
Bumblebee Man Icon "Me wonder-o que is la Senorita doing-a?"

Dateline: UnemploymentEdit

Character Dialogue
Brockman Icon "...I am sorry, but I don't go on without my danish! It's my journalistic credo!"

"I don't care, I want my Danish! PRUNE!" "What? What do you mean you don't need me? That's not on the cue cards."

Bumblebee Man Icon "My moment is finally here! My stinger can barely contain itself!"

Channel Ocho!Edit

Character Dialogue
Bumblebee Man Icon "Time for work-o! Ay-chee-wawa!"
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