Even as one, we're still fighting for the coveted title of Alpha Bully.
— Bully-Vern's unlock message

Bully-Vern is a limited-time character released on October, 24 2017, as part of the Treehouse of Horror XXVIII Event. It is unlocked upon placing Bully-vern's Cave. He is a counterpart of Kearney, Jimbo and Dolph.

Releasing Prizes Edit

After being captured and enchanted, Bully-Vern can be released from Bully-vern's Cave and after 4 hours, player gets:

  • Wands Icon 100, Goblin Gold Icon 10 (Act 1)
  • Fairy Dust Icon 100, Goblin Gold Icon 20 (Act 2)
  • Toad Princes Icon 100, Goblin Gold Icon 40 (Act 3)
  • Cash 500, XP 45 (after event)

and one of these three decorations:

These decorations are not unique, player can obtain them repetedly.


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