The Brown House is the second home to be built in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It is mandatory to be built in order to complete the tutorial, as part of The New Evergreen Terrace questline.

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740 Evergreen Terrace or the Brown House is a house in Evergreen Terrace that was inhabited by Mr. and Mrs. Winfield and later Ruth and Laura Powers. It is one door right from the Simpsons and two doors down from the Flanders. Sideshow Bob, disguised as Walt Warren, moved into the house until he was arrested again. The real Walt Warren then moved out of 740 Evergreen Terrace and the house was then occupied by a cousin of Ned Flanders, Ted Flanders. It's later inhabited by Terrence, Emily and their children, T-Rex and Corduroy. They moved out when they found out it wasn't cool to live in Springfield anymore. The house has a large swimming pool.

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Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Amber Simpson

  • Chain Smoke - 60m


  • Relax in the Brown House - 2h

Baby Gerald

  • Watch Happy Little Elves on TV - 60m
  • Nap With One Eye Open - 24h


  • Sharpen Sword - 60m
  • Ponder What Is Best In Life - 12h

Barbarian Homer

  • Pillage the Brown House - 8h


  • Paintball in the Brown House - 2h

Beer Stein Wiggum

  • Use the Toilet - 24h


  • Build an Unsanctioned Rocket - 8h


  • Watch Real Sister-wives of Shelbyville - 12h


  • Create a Viewtube Video - 4h

Captain Bob

  • Press His Lapels - 8h

Cecil Terwilliger

  • Count his Money - 12h


  • Harvest Copper Wire in the Brown House - 3h

Count Burns

  • Drink Blood - 4h

Cregg Demon

  • Apply Eyeliner and Body Spray - 60m
  • Admire Himself - 24h


  • Build an Unsanctioned Rocket - 8h

Dr. Colossus

  • Mope - 60m
  • Hatch a New Scheme - 8h

Fallout Boy

  • Dream of Becoming a Superhero - 60m

Father Sean

  • Regret Meeting Homer Simpson - 24h

Fit Tony

  • Monitor Whacking Macros - 12h

Gabbo and Arthur

  • Buff Out Splinters - 4h
  • Work on New Material - 12h
  • Harbor Dark Thoughts - 24h


  • Build an Unsanctioned Rocket - 8h
  • Set up a LAN Party - 24h

Ginger Flanders

  • Chain Smoke - 60m

Gina Vendetti

  • Remove Handcuffs - 3h

Gino Underdunk Terwilliger

  • Torture Stuffed Animals - 24h


  • Break into Brown House and Watch TV - 3m
  • Sleep in the Brown House - 10h


  • Browse Social Media - 24h

Jesse Grass

  • Write Dirt First Newsletter - 4h
  • Peacefully Demonstrate - 24h


  • Take Son for the Night - 24h

Kearney's Other Son

  • Work Out - 8h
  • Get a Gang Tattoo - 24h

Ling Bouvier

  • Wait for Selma - 24h


  • Perform a Hit - 8h


  • Record a Demo - 8h


  • Watch Happy Little Elves on TV - 60m


  • Paintball in the Brown House - 2h

Matt Groening

  • Work at his Other Office - 12h

Mayan Homer

  • Human Sacrifice in the Brown House - 12h


  • Paintball in the Brown House - 2h


  • Do Laundry at the Brown House - 60m

Mr. Plow

  • Break Into the Brown House to Watch his Commercial - 60m

Number 51

  • Watch Daytime TV - 24h


  • Squat in the Brown House - 24h

Petroleus Rex

  • Watch the Opera - 4h

Plow King

  • Print Anti-Mr. Plow Lies - 12h


  • "Nap" in the Brown House - 30m

Sacagawea Lisa

  • Care for Kidnapped Turkeys - 24h

Shary Bobbins

  • Practice "Grey" Magic - 8h


  • Paintball In The Brown House - 2h
  • Seek Innapropriate Love - 24h

The Grumple

  • Prepare Grumple-ty Stew - 8h
  • Die Cursing the Simpsons - 12h
  • Play his Grump-Drum - 24h

The Rich Texan

  • Go to a Tea Party rally - 60m


  • Repress Negative Feelings - 60m

Level's Quest Based Jobs

Gina Vendetti

  • Resolve Her Existential Crisis - 8h

Lance Murdock

  • Tour the Brown House - 60m

Character Groups

  • Surf the Net (x5) - 24h

Event's Quest Based Jobs


  • Hide in the Brown House - 24h


  • Chase Laser Dot - 2h
  • Ponder His Character - 6h


  • Develop New Probe Technology - 12h
  • Refine Probe Technology - 24h

Mr. Burns

  • Stage a Daring Rescue - 2h


  • Cage Dance - 2h

Promo's Quest Based Jobs

Character Groups

  • "Like" Sideshow Bob's Fiend Book Post - 60m

Quest Based Jobs


  • Scrounge for Books - 6h
  • Set Off Flares In The Brown House - 12h
  • Hide Out in the Brown House - 24h


  • Go to a Tea Party rally - 60m


  • Hide Out in the Brown House - 24h

Fallout Boy

  • Destroy Mind Control Ray - 6s

Frank Grimes

  • Accept Homer's Company - 8h
  • Accidentally Annoyed by Homer - 12h
  • Have a Breakdown - 12h
  • Endure Homer's Company - 24h


  • Make Frank Grimes Accept his Company - 8h
  • Accidentally Annoy Grimey - 12h
  • Make Frank Grimes Endure his Company - 24h


  • Paintball in the Brown House - 2h


  • Hide Out in the Brown House - 24h

Number 51

  • Send Invasion "Documentary" to the Mothership - 4h
  • Make Invasion "Documentary" - 8h
  • Watch Old B-Movies - 24h


  • Break Laws To Interrupt Crime - 8h

Limited Time

Fat Tony

  • Hole Up in the Brown House - 3m


  • Raid Random Fridges - 7h
  • Raid Another Random Fridge - 7h


  • Hunt for Nightmares - 8h

Façades Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Brown House is a somewhat mysterious building. A considerable number of characters in the game have at least one job that involves the house. According to Homer there is a 3D TV and glasses his size inside.
  • When someone does a task in there, one window flashes blue light.
  • The Brown House has the second highest potential payout, after the Simpson House. If collected on every 5 minutes it yields 72 Cash and 12 Experience per hour, and up to 1728 Cash and 288 Experience per day (plus any bonus from the Conform-O-Meter and Premium Decorations).
  • Like most other indolence buildings, it can be raided by Homer Simpson in the Days of Future Future Promotional.
  • After the cut scene in Issue 1 of the Superheroes 2015 Event, any Brown House that had a façade on it would return to normal.
  • Since the Easter 2015 Event update the price of the Brown House depends on how many the player already owns.
  • The Brown House is one of the 3 buildings that can be temporarily demolished by the Police Tank. The other 2 are the Kwik-E-Mart and the Quick & Fresh.

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