Break and Corralling is a side questline released on May 03, 2016 for the Wild West 2016 Event. It requires the building Corral.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Break and Corralling Pt. 1 Reach Level 12 and Place Bart's Tree House
Build the Corral
Make Bart Break In to Corral
Break and Corralling Pt. 2 Make Bart Steal Horse Manure 4h Cash100
Break and Corralling Pt. 3 Make Bart Sneak Horses into Willie's Shack
Make Willie Talk With Horse Shack-mates

Dialogue Edit

Break and Corralling Pt. 1 Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Sneaky Icon Look, Milhouse! A stable! Let's break in and see if they have one of those talking “Babe” pigs.
Milhouse Icon What would we do with a Babe pig?
Bart Icon Win sheep herding contests, idiot. Just like we always dreamed.

Break and Corralling Pt. 2 Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Sneaky Icon No pig in here, but that awful smell is giving me an idea.
Bart Icon Think about it, Milhouse: why have horses been prized throughout human history?
Milhouse Icon As a means to travel rapidly over long distances? As a draft animal on farms?
Bart Icon Wrong. For their ability to create horse poop. And who hates horse poop more than anybody?
Milhouse Excited Icon Principal Skinner! We had that assembly where he warned us against horse-poop-based pranks.
Bart Icon “You may smear anything all over my office,” he said. “But please, please, not horse poop."
Bart Sneaky Icon Well, that's exactly what we're going to do.

Break and Corralling Pt. 3 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Icon That was perhaps our finest prank ever, Milhouse. Just incredibly hurtful. Well done.
Bart Laughing Icon And the best part is, horse poop is a renewable resource. We can do this again whenever we want.
Milhouse Sad Icon I don't know, Bart. That manure was HEAVY. I wish the horses weren't so far away from school.
Bart Happy Icon Good thinking, old chum! We'll move the horses into Willie's shack.
Milhouse Icon But... won't Willie just move them out?
Bart Rollingeyes Icon I know you're one of those sad kids who considers the school janitor your buddy...
Bart Icon ...but Willie is weird. Really, utterly bizarre. He'll probably just start talking to them.

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Willie Sad Icon Bah, these horses are colder than mum's moss stew.
Willie Icon At least you still get me, Rakes-anne.
Rakesanne Icon
Willie Angry Icon Be nice now or ya won't get a fancy new horse-hair wig.
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