Bread And Putter is a level 32 quest chain, relating to Rod and Todd at Sir Putt-A-Lot's.


Quest Requirements Time Reward
Bread and Putter Pt 1 Make Ned and Homer set up a Minigolf Tournament  12h
Bread and Putter Pt 2 Make Bart, Rod, and Nelson go Minigolfing 24h
Bread and Putter Pt 3 Make Lisa, Todd, and Martin go Minigolfing 24h
Bread and Putter Pt 4 Make Milhouse and Ralph go Minigolfing 24h
Bread and Putter Pt 5 Make Bart, Todd, and Ralph go Minigolfing 24h


Bread and Putter Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Ned Icon "Homer, I’m seeing a lot of your children’ influence on my boys. Bart, mostly. Although Rod is starting to wear pearls.”
Homer Icon "You're welcome Ned, glad we could help."
Ned Icon "”No, Homer. I’m saying I don’t want my kids to be like your kids. I like them the way they are."
Homer Icon ”What?! But your kids are weird!”
Ned Icon ”Well, your kids are…wild!”
Homer Icon ”How dare you! There’s only one-way to settle the question of who’s a better parent–a mini-golf tournament.”
Ned Icon ”Huh? How would that settle anything?”
Homer Icon ”Sounds like somebody’s chicken. Bok-bok-bok-ba-gaak!”
Ned Icon ”No, I just don’t understand how minigolf relates to–”
Homer Icon ”Bok-bok-bok-bok–”
Ned Icon ”Fine, you’re on!”


Character Dialogue
Nelson Icon ”I wanna do this.”
Homer Icon ”Sorry, this tournament is private.”
Nelson Icon ”Dude, did you not notice my threatening tone when I said…”

“I wanna do this.”

Homer Icon ”gulp” Open tournament! Anyone can join!”

Bread and Putter Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Ned Icon ”Welcome to round one of Mini-Masters! First up are Bart, Rod and Nelson. Remember boys, the important thing is that everyone has fun.”
Homer Icon ”I feel the same way.”

“I don’t feel the same way, Bart. I want you to win at all costs.”

Ned Icon ”Homer you’re doing that whispering thing you do where everyone can hear every word you’re saying.”
Homer Icon ”What are you talking about? I’m not whispering!”

“I think they can hear me so I’m going to stop whispering now.”


Character Dialogue
Nelson Icon ”Stupid colored balls, stupid little pencils. I can’t believe how much I hate this! How long does this go on?”
Bart Icon ”Eighteen holes. This is hole number three.”
Nelson Icon ”Life’s too short–I’m gonna go watch TV. Smell ya later, lamewads!”
Ned Icon ”Well, Nelson’s out. And Rod still refuses to retrieve his ball from the first hole…”
Rod Icon ”A rollie-pollie crawled in there and he didn’t crawl out!”
Ned Icon ”So I guess you win this round, Bart.”

“Congratulations, Homer. You’re being surprisingly gracious about this.”

Homer Icon "About what?"
Ned Icon ”About Bart’s winning.”
Homer Icon ”We won? Yes! In your face, sucka!”
Ned Icon ”That’s the Homer I know.”

Bread and Putter Pt. 3 Edit


Character Dialogue
Ned Icon ”It’s time for round two of this yellow Skins Tournament, with Lisa Simpson, Martin Prince, and my own little Toddy.”
Homer Icon ”Lisa, please, please, win this for Daddy. Does it help if I tell you that if you lose, it will ruin everything?”
Lisa Icon ”Dad, you wouldn’t have to derive your self-esteem from your children if you had your own accomplishments.”
Homer Icon ”But that entails not drinking and daily showers.”
Lisa Icon ”Fine. Gimme the putter.”


Character Dialogue
Ned Icon ”Oh my goodness! The winner of round two is…Todd some-relation Flanders!”
Bart Icon ”Way to put all the pressure on me, Lis.”
Lisa Icon ”Well, that doesn’t make me feel very good.”
Bart Icon ”You know what would’ve made you feel good?”
Lisa Icon "Not losing?"
Bart Icon "Bingo."

Bread and Putter Pt.4Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon ”And for the final qualifying round of this…mini-golf thing, it’s…Milhouse versus Ralph? Wow. Dud and Dudder, I’m gonna nap in my car.”
Milhouse Icon ”I can win this. All I have to do is beat the one kid who loses at more things than I do. And I totally don’t feel bad about it!”
Ralph Icon ”The urinals here are outside. They have pennies and fish in them.”
Milhouse Icon ”Okay, I feel a little bad.”

Bread and Putter Pt.5Edit


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon ”Bart, Todd and Ralph, congratulations on making it to the final round.”

“And in my book, you are all winners.” “Until after this round then my book will be edited and only the actual winner will be a winner. The other two will be big, fat losers.”


Character Dialogue
Ned Icon ”Todd has spent the last four holes cowering behind the hedge.”
Todd Icon ”The giant alligator ate my ball!”
Ned Icon ”It’s an alligator statue–it’s supposed to eat your ball. That’s why there’s a flag sticking out of it’s nostril.”

“And Bart knocked his ball out of the park. Literally. Over the fence. and onto the freeway.”

Bart Icon ”I’m like Tiger Woods…the golfer, not the one who did all that bad stuff.”
Ned Icon ”So I guess the winner is Ralph Wiggum!”
Homer Icon ”Bart! I don’t mean to be negative…but you sucked like crazy!”
Bart Icon ”I had an off day.”
Wiggum Icon ”Ralphie’s so happy! And a happy Ralphie is a non-fire-starting Ralphie. Thank you, Bart.”
Homer Icon ”Why did Wiggum wink when he thanked you? And what’s in that bag he handed you?”
Bart Icon “A token of his gratitude. Two police issue tasers.”
Homer Icon “He bribed you into throwing the tournament? You don’t suck, you’re just a cheater! DO you realize what this means!?”

“I’m a great father!”

Bart Icon “Wanna play taser-tag?”
Homer Icon “I sure do, son. I sure do.”
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