I'm one of them "Premium" characters? This must be how Reba feels.
— Brandine's Unlock Message

Brandine Spuckler is a premium, limited time, character in The Simpsons: Tapped Out who was released with the Valentine's Day 2014 Event. She is a unique character, as she can be set on jobs to unlock other characters.

She was re-released on February 12, 2015, as part of the Valentine's Day 2015 Event, May 21, 2015, during Act 3 of the Terwilligers 2015 Event, August 16, 2015, during Act 1 of the Monorail 2015 Event, September 13, 2017, for the County Fair 2017 Event and August 7, 2019, as part of the Simpsons Babies 2019 Event.

She returned on February 8, 2017 during the Valentine's 2017 Promotion as a possible prize in the Date Night Mystery Box. She returned on February 12, 2018 during the Valentine's 2018 Promotion. She was again possible prize in the Date Night Mystery Box.

She also returned on August 1, 2018 during the Moe's Ark 2018 Event. She was a possible prize in the Zoo Gift Shop Mystery Box.

She returned on January 23, 2019 during the Love, Springfieldian Style 2019 Event once again as a prize in the Date Night Mystery Box.

About[edit | edit source]

Brandine and Cletus are both stereotypical representatives of so-called “trailer trash.” Brandine and Cletus were married by Homer despite the fact that they are oft-insinuated to be related (siblings, cousins, each other's parents, and aunt/uncle), once noted when she said to Cletus, "You are the most wonderful husband, and son, I ever had," as well as when she complained they should kiss in front of her parents and Cletus said, "They's my parents too.". It is also implied that she was divorced four times prior to her marriage to Cletus.

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Jobs[edit | edit source]

Regular Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Visual
Clean Up Nature Using Nature Junk75 30s Springfield Dump Check.png
Stab Possums Cash105
60m Cletus' Farm Nope.png
Gather Metal Metal15 60m Metal Depot Check.png
Prepare her "Something" Stew Cash260
4h Cletus' Farm Nope.png
Pick Up Supplies Cash420
8h Moe's Tavern Nope.png
Carry a Food Baby Cash525
10h - Check.png
Watch Real Sister-wives of Shelbyville Cash600
12h Brown House Nope.png
Defend Springfield from Terrorists Cash1000
24h - Check.png

Level's Quest Based Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Marvel at Maison Derriere's Decor Cash60
30m Maison Derriere All the Belles and Whistles Pt. 3 Nope.png
Learn How to Access Browsing History Cash350
6h The Java Server All the Belles and Whistles Pt. 4 Nope.png

Limited Time

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Prepare a Moonshine Bath Cash225
6h Cletus' Farm O'Flan-again Pt. 7 Nope.png
Go On a Date With Cletus Heartsicon.png30
8h Cletus, Luigi's Kiss My Grits Pt. 5 Nope.png
Enjoy a St. Patrick’s Beer Bash Cash500
16h O'Flanagan's Pub Dye The Town Green Pt. 6 Nope.png
Train for St. Patrick's Day Beer Bash Cash600
24h O'Flanagan's Pub Training Day Pt. 1 Nope.png
Birth Another Spuckler Cash45000
90d - Spuckler Kid Check.png

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

When Sent on Birth Another Spuckler Task[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon.png 90 days? Excuse me, Mrs. Spuckler, but isn't the human gestational period nine months?
Cletus Icon.png Brandine ain't had a nine month pregnancy since she went swimming outside the Nuke-lar plant.
Brandine Icon.png It's like my baby oven is now a microwave.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Brandine's 90d task Birth Another Spuckler, which, when completed, awards the player with a new character, can be skipped for 30 Donuts. The task can only be completed 3 times (giving a new character each time). It is also, by far, the longest task of any character.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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