Brain and Nerve Tonic (Brain and Nerve Tonic) was a limited time currency during the Tap Ball 2015 Event. A three bottles' pack of Brain and Nerve Tonics was rewarded five times during the event:

  • 3rd Daily Training's Task,
  • 11th Daily Training's Task,
  • 17th Daily Training's Task,
  • 21st Daily Training's Task,
  • 26th Daily Training's Task.

A nine bottles' pack of Brain and Nerve Tonics was also rewarded completing:

The player could also purchase Brain and Nerve Tonic for 5 donuts each when playing Tap Ball.

Tap Ball players could be given a temporary boost by using Brain and Nerve Tonic. It could be used by tapping the Brain and Nerve Tonic button in the lower left corner of the screen. A bottle increased the Tap Ball player's level by four as long as they were level seven or below. Starting with level seven, Tap Ball players were always upgraded to an otherwise non-reachable level eleven. The four upgraded levels were indicated by two purple stars below the Tap Ball player. If they were on level eleven, all five stars became purple. See Tap Ball for more details.

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