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The Boxingham Palace is a limited time building released on August 19, 2014 for the Clash of Clones 2014 Event. It was the forth prize to be won during the event. During the event, it could be upgraded with Elixir, and could be used to upgrade Goblin Bart with Gold. Boxingham Palace unlocks after completion of Castle Recycle. In order to build the palace, you must have already unlocked Bart.

About Edit

After Bart was given a lot of boxes for shipping, he and Lisa decided to make a fort out of them. After doing so, they had a delivery man come to ask them for the boxes back because they weren't being used for shipping. When Bart and Lisa refused, the delivery man said he would be back with an army.

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Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Goblin Bart

  • Count his Gold - 24h

Upgrades Edit

Level Result Cost
1 5 Nerds/2 hours N/A
2 10 Nerds/2 hours Elixir200
3 Maximum number of nerds increased by 5 Elixir350
4 Cardboard Walls Unlock Elixir600
5 Increase town defense bonus by 1 Elixir800
6 Cardboard Towers Unlock Elixir1000
7 15 Nerds/2 hours Elixir1300
8 4x Cardboard Walls Elixir1600
9 Maximum number of nerds increased by 5 Elixir2000
10 Cardboard Gates Unlock Elixir2400
11 Increase town defense bonus by 1 Elixir2900
12 20 Nerds/2 Hours Elixir3400
13 Maximum number of nerds increased by 5 Elixir4000
14 Increase town defense bonus by 1 Elixir4600
15 25 Nerds/2 Hours Elixir5300
16 Maximum number of nerds increased by 5 Elixir6000
17 Increase town defense bonus by 1 Elixir6800
18 30 Nerds/2 Hours Elixir7600
19 Maximum number of nerds increased by 10 Elixir8500
20 Increase town defense bonus by 1 Elixir9400

After you have leveled the castle up to level 20 a message appears that you still can waste Elixir for upgrading the castle to very expensive bonus-levels:

Bonus-Level Result Cost Upgrade Cost Event-Shop
21 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir10 500 Donuts2
22 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir11 550 Donuts2
23 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir12 650 Donuts2
24 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir13 800 Donuts2
25 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir15 000 Donuts2
26 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir16 250 Donuts2
27 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir17 550 Donuts2
28 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir18 900 Donuts2
29 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir 20,300 Donuts2
30 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir 21,750 Donuts2
31 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir 23 250 Donuts2
32 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir 24 800 Donuts2
33 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir 26 400 Donuts2
34 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir 28 050 Donuts2
35 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir 29 750 Donuts2
36 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir 31 500 Donuts2
37 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir 33 300 Donuts2
38 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir 35 150 Donuts2
39 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir 37 050 Donuts2
40 1x Cardboard Wall Elixir 39 000 Donuts2

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