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Boardwalk Section are similar to Road and Pavement tiles, except they can only be placed on water. They were introduced to the game on June 12, 2013 along with the Squidport Expansion. Their price and length of time to build at the Squidport Entrance increases after building a certain amount of boardwalks. They also act as a currency, as they can be produced from the Squidport Entrance.

Initially there was much disappointment about the cost to build the tiles and the time the player has to wait to get them. The maximum wait for a tile originally was 84 hours (3 days and 12 hours), and if the player rushed none of the pieces with Donuts, it would take them approximately one and a half years to get them all. Even though not all boardwalk pieces are required, some players prefer to have all 201.

With the introduction of the Treehouse of Horror XXVII Event the crafting time of Boardwalk Sections were significantly reduced. Since then every section is crafted in twelve or less hours and it only takes about two and a half months to craft them all. Additionally the overall crafting cost was reduced by approximately 300000 Cash.

Building sections Edit

Here is a table indicating how much it costs and how long it takes to build which section.

Section Time to Make Cost/How to Get Cost to Rush
1-4 None Squidport Entrance None
5 5 minutes Cash100 Donuts2
6 10 minutes Cash250 Donuts2
7 15 minutes Cash450 Donuts2
8 30 minutes Cash800 Donuts2
9 60 minutes Cash1700 Donuts2
10 2 hours Cash2500 Donuts2
11-15 (5) 3 hours (15 hours total) Cash3350 (16750 total) Donuts2 (10 total)
16-30 (15) 4 hours (2 days 12 hours hours total) Cash5000 (75000 total) Donuts2 (30 total)
31-60 (30) 6 hours (7 days 12 hours total) Cash7500 (225000 total) Donuts4 (120 total)
61-90 (30) 8 hours (10 days total) Cash10000 (300000 total) Donuts4 (120 total)
91-120 (30) 10 hours (12 days 12 hours days) Cash12500 (375000 total) Donuts6 (180 total)
121-201 (81) 12 hours (40 days 12 hours total) Cash15000 (1215000 total) Donuts6 (486 total)
Overall (201) 73 days 19 hours Cash2212550 Donuts958

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