The Blue House is a house that unlocks no new characters. The basic price is 1800 Cash, but its price grows the more Blue Houses of the player buys. It is required to be built as part of The New Evergreen Terrace questline

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Santa Homer

  • Break in for Milk and Cookies - 60m

Dr. Nick

  • Practice Medicine - 12h

Hugs Bunny

  • Work a Birthday Party - 4h

Mrs. Sinclair

  • Read About Selfish Virtues - 60m
  • Practice the Fountainhead Diet - 12h
  • Write Philosophical Essays - 24h

Shary Bobbins

  • Update Her References - 12h

Limited Time

Homer Simpson

  • Raid Random Fridges - 7h
  • Raid Another Random Fridge - 7h

Façades Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Blue House can be, like most buildings that raise Indolence ratings, raided by Homer.
  • It is the best value of the houses, only taking 4 Days to pay off (less if one has a high Conform-O-Meter total bonus) and only has to be collected/harvested 3 times a Day, making it popular for House Farming (building large numbers of houses, often in clusters or Suburbs to build up extra Money and Experience quickly).
    • As of the 2015 Easter update, this is no longer efficient, since the price of the house grows with the number of owned blue houses.
  • Since the Easter 2015 Event update the price of the Blue House depends on how many the player already owns.
  • Many characters perform jobs in it, but it has no animation. This also applies to the Pink House.

Gallery Edit

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