Blue Chips (Casino Blue Chip) were a limited time currency released during the Burns' Casino 2016 Event. They were used as the event's Act Three Personal Prize currency.

Personal Prizes Edit

The following table displays the prizes won upon collecting Green Chips. Unlike most events the progress bar for the personal prizes was reset to zero each time a prize was reached. Thus only the amount of currency required for the current prize is shown there. The currency counter in the lower left of the screen still showed the total amount of currency collected, though.

Act Three Prizes

Name Need to Collect Total
Nero's Palace Arch Casino Blue Chip7850 Casino Blue Chip7850
Nero's Palace Casino Casino Blue Chip18450 Casino Blue Chip23600
Reclusive Mr. Burns Casino Blue Chip28850 Casino Blue Chip55150
Chinese Acrobatic Theatre Casino Blue Chip15750 Casino Blue Chip70900
Gabbo and Arthur Casino Blue Chip31550 Casino Blue Chip102450

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