• Chloemek

    I always thought about doing a blog post, but never knew what to blog about... So, for my first post I want to share some screen shots of my own Springfield.

    Sometimes I find some amusing or ironic scenes in my town either from decorations or character jobs, etc. Here are some of my favorites:

    Hopefully more to come soon, because most of time I only catch these by chance or only when certain jobs are performed.

    Thanks for looking at my first blog post!

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  • Mutant Peacock

    A list of all the buildings that are currently available in the game that do not have any permanent or regular character tasks, some of the buildings could have an interesting or unusual animation attached that some players might want to see more often. I added some possible tasks that I think could be good with the buildings. So far there are 133 buildings in the game that doesn't have any direct permanent tasks with them.

    There are some characters known as 'Wild Cards', a term I learned on this wiki which is that some characters have certain tasks that goes to a random building type or group such as a Shop, Home (home) or Restaurant that is the nearest to the character instead of a forced location that is set.

    • (*) A possible new character …

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  • Mutant Peacock

    This is my first blog post so there may be some spelling and grammar mistakes on it but I hope that it is at least readable. I wanted to express how I felt about this event since it has ended. On this post, I will outline what EA did good (pros), what they did bad (cons), how it could of been improved. Feel free to comment what you think of this event below.

    • A good opportunity to get old items from previous THOH events and other updates.
      • Can also get items at a discount/rebate, through the THOH mystery boxes and bundles.
    • 10 new freemium characters and 5 or 6 (including Treestache) new premium characters are available through the event.
    • 4 new freemium buildings and 9 new premium buildings are available with the event.
    • 2 new freemium outfits/cos…

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  • Epiccute

    I'm back

    August 23, 2017 by Epiccute

    I lose my account so I back on this one

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  • Cdavymatias

    More Tales coming soon...

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  • Cdavymatias

    Jokes with Springfieldians. To share laughs.

       The Crazy Cat Lady had a cat with 16 lives.
       That is amazing!
       The bad news is that I hit him with my 4x4 and now is dead.

       Apu, tomorrow is my birthday. What are you going to give me?
       You see that car over there?
       A blender of the same color.

       What is your biggest flaw?
       I get into other people's conversations.
       Homer, I'm asking Lenny!

       Honey, how did your judgment go?
       Judge Snyder has told me that 100,000 dollars, or three years in jail.
       Really? You choose to take the money, do not be silly!

       Have you heard? Mapple bought SpringFace for 8.5 billion dollars!
       How silly! But if they could download it for free from the Internet!

      Mr. Burns, Fat Tony and t…

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  • Sonicslothboy

    I am trying to find out how to animate  Springfield Henge . I saw mine animated with blue fairies yet dont know how I did it. Can anyone help me out please?

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  • Cdavymatias

    Characters I wish to see in the game. Perhaps some of these predictions are met. Surely many players want to see some of these characters or costumes.

    Note: Press "Ctrl + F" to search for a specific character.
     Character that I wish very much to see in the game  (the majority are highly recurring characters in the series)
     Character counterpart 
     Non-controllable character 
    Pass the computer's arrow over the symbols (#(additional information), 🏠(building), 🛴(object), 🍩(premium), 🏆(event prize)) to get more details

    Apu's Family
    • Apu's Mother #
    • The Octuplets #
    • Kavi #
    • Pahusacheta
    Flanders Family
    • Connie and Bonnie #
    • Grandma Flanders
    • José Flanders
    Van Houtens
    • Annika #
    • Grandpa Van Houten
    Bouvier Family
    • Grandpa Bouvier
    Hibbert Family
    • Hibbert's Older Son …

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  • LionelHutz8


    March 5, 2017 by LionelHutz8

    Add me on TSTO - LionelHutz8! :)

    I play daily.

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  • SardGuard

    we need more runways

    February 25, 2017 by SardGuard

    otherwise the planes gonna land in shelbyville

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