Bloatation Device is the final part of the Level 44 update.


Quest Requirements Triggered By Time Reward
Bloatation Device Build the Bloaters at the Squidport
Make Database Go for Shakes
Make Martin Go for Shakes
Make Lisa Go for Shakes
Moe 24h


Bloatation DeviceEdit

Character Dialogue
Moe Icon "Youz guys, I don't see no more words no more! I can go back to not being sure how youz is spelled."
"Should I include an ‘e'? Should I not? Two ‘o' vowels back-to-back like ‘booze'? I ain't at all sure!"
Database Icon "Yes. I reset the universe code to the way it was. And to make up for messing with everyone, I even managed to pry out some of those donuts you all like."
Martin Icon "Yay! We can all be welcome to Superfriends 2.0!"
Database Icon "Superfriends 2.0.1. Don't forget the latest patch!"
Lisa Icon "Oh Database. Life is going to be hard for you."
"At least until college."
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