The Black Hole is a limited-time decoration released during the Treehouse of Horror XXIII Event. It was awarded for free upon completion of The Black Hole Pt. 2.

It was re-released together with the Super Collider during the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event.

It was re-released again on August 16, 2016 for the SciFi 2016 Event. Since then, one can be unlocked upon completion of A Matter of Density Pt. 1.

Jobs Involved[edit | edit source]

Quest Based Jobs


  • Hip-Check Carl - 4h
  • Retrieve the Frappuccino - 4h

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • With its re-release during the SciFi 2016 Event, the payout increase was added and the uniqueness removed, meaning it can now be purchased multiple times.
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