The Big Box is a location that debuted as of February 4, 2016. It is the site of the Daily Challenge System similar to those found in previous major events. The new system replaces the Daily Play Combo, which normally would reward the player that visited daily.

The mission that corresponds to this location is Fresh Off the Donut Truck.

About Edit

Big Box is a building that contains daily challenges every day when you build it. However, it cannot be stored or selled, so if you try to store it, it won't work. Storing everything in your town will also not work. It will still be in its placed location where you placed it. It is impossible to store.

Jobs Involved Edit

Special Updates Quest Based Jobs

Fat Tony

  • Supervise - 8h


  • Be Skeptical - 60s


  • Launder Donuts - 8h


  • Collect Donut Holes - 60m
  • Launder Donuts - 8h


  • Finish Investigation - 2h
  • Investigate Big Box - 4h

Character Groups

  • Form a Donut - 60s

Trivia Edit

  • The item is not storable. When trying to store it the message "Sorry, hoarder. Can't store this." will pop up.
  • When a character is doing a job there, tapping the building will not bring up their task.
    • However, before the player is introduced to the challenges, character tasks are shown.
  • Fat Tony runs the whole joint.

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