The Bench is a decoration which can be bought in four varieties. Three of the four benches available are non-premium and the premium bench costs 6 donuts. The benches were released with the game initially, and they all could be won in the Mystery Box.

Three other benches can also be used to perform the tasks:

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs


  • Feed Pigeons - 60m

Baby Homer

  • Dwink Lemonade - 4h


  • Loiter with an Adult Magazine - 24h

Don Vittorio

  • Relax with his Cat - 4h

Dr. Robert

  • Read Medical Texts - 4h

Festivus CBG

  • Feats of Strength - 8h

Gabbo and Arthur

  • Have a Conversation with "Himself" - 60m


  • Take a Nap - 6h
  • Feed the birds - 8h


  • Play On Her Laptop - 8h


  • Sleep Under a newspaper - 12h


  • Cross Stitch - 24h

Mona (with Grampa)

  • Feed the birds - 8h

Mrs. Bouvier

  • Knit - 24h

Mrs. Sinclair

  • Do Nothing of Any Interest - 8h


  • Nap on a Bench - 4h

Programmer Lisa

  • Code Under the Sun - 8h

Roger Myers Jr.

  • Relax With a Cigar - 4h

Stacy Lovell

  • Test Products - 60m

White Witch Burns

  • Sit and Brood - 12h


  • Siesta - 60m

Four Benches Edit

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