The Bare-Chested Willie quests are a series of quests from the Whacking Day 2013 Event featuring Bare Chested Willie.


Quest Requirements Reward
Getting All Tarzan Make Bare-Chested Willie Wrestle a Snake Cash100
Fit as A Butcher's Dog Make Bare-Chested Willie do One-finger Push Ups Cash100
Stomaching The Chore Make Bare-Chested Willie Use Wash Board Abs Cash100
Warming The Belly Make Bare-Chested Willie Enjoy a Wee Shot of Highland Moonshine Cash100


Getting All TarzanEdit

Character Dialogue
Milhouse Icon "Help! Snake!"
Bare Chested Willie Icon "Put down that appetizer, Snakey -- it's time for the main course!"

Fit As A Butcher's DogEdit

Character Dialogue
Bare Chested Willie Icon "Thanks for the warm up, snakey. Time for ma work out."

Stomaching The ChoreEdit

Character Dialogue
Skinner Icon "Willie, I noticed that you're only half dressed."
Bare Chested Willie Icon "Aye"
Skinner Icon "Do you think that's appropriate attire for a school?"
Bare Chested Willie Icon "With wash-board abs like this, I don't have to think."
Skinner Icon "Hmm, wash-board abs. And today is laundry day..."
"Go ahead and keep your shirt off, Willie. I've got a job for you!"

Stomaching The ChoreEdit

Character Dialogue
Bare Chested Willie Icon "Here's yer smalls."
Skinner Icon "Thank you Willie. And you even got the stains out! Perhaps later I can get you to do a load of darks."
Bare Chested Willie Icon *sigh* "I'll be in my shack."
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