Bandits are NPC's available during the Wild West 2016 Event.

They serve as the usual roaming characters. They spawn every 10 minutes until the amount of 30 is reached. When the town is filled, further Bandits are spawned to a bank and moved from the bank into the town as soon as some of them are tapped by the player. They will also spawn in certain buildings such as the Simpson House and the Flanders House.

The bank also can't hold more than 15 Bandits. So if the player doesn't clear their town at least every seven and a half hours, any additional spawns will be lost.

Rewards Edit

When tapped they gave 1 prize track currency depending on the act, Clues in Act 1, Deputy Badges in Act 2, or TNT in Act 3, as well as some trade currency on an amount dependent on that currency. Pickaxes were dropped on 16 units, Hats on 8, Guns on 4, and lastly Gold Coins on 2. All trade currencies available in an act had equal chances to be dropped by Bandits.

Additionally, Prospectors had a chance to be dropped from them, with said chance varying from 15% in Act 1 to 12% in Act 2 and finally 8% in Act 3.

They could have also been encountered in friends' towns, however only the first 30 friend actions of each day rewarded currencies. Rewards from friend actions could have been doubled by purchasing the Deputy Credentials.

Trivia Edit

  • In addition to the normal bandits, "Wanted Bandits" roamed the player's town. One spawned every 24 hours. They need to be hit four times to be taken out and will blink red and run away when tapped. When they slow down, or stop blinking and running, the player can hit them again.

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