Back from the Future is a premium questline which was released on March 4th, 2015 with the Level 50 update. It started once the player had purchased the Lovejoy Residence.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Back from the Future Pt. 1 Tap Homer 10 Times in a Row to Get the Jebediah Statue *
Place the Jebediah Statue *
Make Jessica Lovejoy Disgrace a Local Landmark
* will only appear it the player doesn't have the Jebediah Statue
24h Cash100
Jessica Lovejoy
Back from the Future Pt. 2 Make Rev. Lovejoy Ignore his Daughter **
Make Jessica Lovejoy Pretend to be a Good Girl
** will only appear if the player has Reverend Lovjoy
60m Cash100
Jessica Lovejoy
Back from the Future Pt. 3 Reach Level 9 and Build Springfield Elementary
Make Jessica Find a Gullible Dimwit
8h Cash100
Jessica Lovjoy
Back from the Future Pt. 4 Reach Level 12 And Build Bart's Treehouse
Make Jessica Baton Twirl
Make Bart Replace his Mom's Shampoo with Peroxide
12h Cash100
Jessica Lovejoy
Back fron the Future Pt. 5 Reach Level 14 and Build First Church of Springfield
Make Jessica Go to Sunday School
Make Bart Steal Church Money
12h Cash100
Jessica Lovejoy
Back from the Future Pt. 6 Make Jessica Heckle Fat People
Make Bart Heckle Fat People
4h Cash100
Jessica Lovejoy


Back from the Future Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Jessica Lovejoy Bored Icon "A new Springfield eh? Let's hope this one isn't as boring as the old one."
Milhouse Excited Icon "Hey Jessica! Want to join me as we paint the town red?"
Jessica Lovejoy Icon "I'm listening!"
Milhouse Excited Icon "And then watch that red paint dry?"
Jessica Lovejoy Bored Icon "And I'm no longer listening."
Milhouse Icon "We can take bets on whether the paint will dry darker or lighter than its corresponding paint swatch."
Jessica Lovejoy Bored Icon "I think I'll just TP the Jebediah Springfield statue instead."
Milhouse Icon "Like a drop cloth? Good idea."


Character Dialogue
Ned Flanders Worried Icon "Now Reverend, I know you said never to contact you unless it was an absolute emergency."
Rev. Lovejoy Icon "Someone better be on fire, Ned. And no, hellfire does not count. Real fire."
Ned Flanders Worried Icon "Your daughter is wrapping our founder's statue in toilet paper. Something in there must be a sin. Wasting TP? Vandalizing? Glorifying mummies?"
Rev. Lovejoy Icon "For the last time, glorifying mummies is most definitely a sin..."
Rev. Lovejoy Icon "...wait what did you say my daughter was doing?"

Back from the Future Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Rev. Lovejoy Icon "Jessica Lovejoy! I thought we agreed that if you came back from limbo, you wouldn't cause any trouble!"
Jessica Lovejoy Bored Icon "All contracts are void when made in a void."
Rev. Lovejoy Sad Icon "Good Lord, are you punishing me for that time I said an off-color joke about eggshell white?"
Rev. Lovejoy Sad Icon "Maybe the only way to get you to behave is to IGNORE you until you shape up!"
Jessica Lovejoy Icon "You can't ignore me, Daddy. I'm your sweet angelic daughter!"

Jobs StartedEdit

Character Dialogue
Jessica Lovejoy Sad Icon "Oh daddy? Daddy dearest? DADDY!!"
Jessica Lovejoy Sad Icon "Stop it! STOP IT OR LEARN MORE WORDS TO THE SONG! OK, I'M SORRY!!"
Jessica Lovejoy Sad Icon "I'll be a good, selfless, humble girl... just please pay attention to me!"

Back from the Future Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Jessica Lovejoy Bored Icon "I hate pretending to be good. All this lying and deceiving gets in the way of my favorite activities: lying and deceiving."
Jessica Lovejoy Naughty Icon "What I need is a patsy! Someone who I can blame if I get caught."
Jessica Lovejoy Naughty Icon "Like when the government blamed that Lindbergh baby for Vietnam."
Jessica Lovejoy Bored Icon "Hmm, maybe I should stop skipping school too."


Character Dialogue
Bart Surprised Icon "Jessica? I didn't know you'd arrived in town."
Jessica Lovejoy Icon "If only it were so simple. But no, Bart, I have a far greater burden placed upon my shoulders."
Bart Icon "Orthopedic brace? Milhouse had one of those. The doctor said they'd never seen a spine so soft."
Jessica Lovejoy Icon "I'm actually here from the FUTURE to save you from a terrible fate at the end of this questline."
Bart Rollingeyes Icon "Nice try, Jessica."
Jessica Lovejoy Icon "I knew that you would say that... being from the future and all. So I'll totally prove it."
Jessica Lovejoy Icon "The big finger in the sky will touch the screen when I finish talking!"
Bart Surprised Icon "Ay Caramba! You ARE from the future!"
Bart Icon "Tell me what I have to do to prevent this terrible fate."
Jessica Lovejoy Naughty Icon "Simple. All you have to do is... everything I say."

Back from the Future Pt. 4Edit


Character Dialogue
Jessica Lovejoy Icon "OK Bart, I know this might be difficult for you, but I assure you it's a lot easier than what's in store for you in the future."
Bart Icon "Is it bees? Tell me if it's bees. Blink twice for bees."
Jessica Lovejoy Naughty Icon "Shut up. Now, step one -- replace your mom's shampoo with this bottle of peroxide."
Bart Icon "Why would that save me from the bees?"
Jessica Lovejoy Bored Icon "It's not bees! But if you don't do it, well, enjoy your future fate with all its future pain and future suffering."
Bart Sad Icon "Pain OR suffering I can handle, but both together? No thank you."


Character Dialogue
Marge Badhair Icon "This isn't shampoo it's peroxide! Staining my beautiful blue hair a repulsive, unnatural golden yellow."
Jessica Lovejoy Naughty Icon "Hahahahaha!"
Bart Sad Icon "Why'd you have to make me do that? My mom is one of the few adults who hasn't given up on me."
Jessica Lovejoy Icon "Don't think of yourself, Bart. Think of Future Bart, with his hover skateboard."

Back from the Future Pt. 5Edit


Character Dialogue
Jessica Lovejoy Icon "OK Bart. The next thing you have to do to avoid your terrible fate is give me twenty dollars."
Bart Sad Icon "I don't have that kind of cash!"
Jessica Lovejoy Naughty Icon "The church collection does..."
Bart Surprised Icon "Whoa! I don't steal from churches, or mosques, or synagogues. Maybe, maybe a Shinto shrine."
Jessica Lovejoy Bored Icon "Bart, terrible fate --"
Bart Angry Icon "If it's so bad, then how come you won't tell me about it?"
Jessica Lovejoy Naughty Icon "Fine. First, your eyeballs fall out of your head."
Bart Surprised Icon "But I love my eyeballs. They're my second favorite set of balls."
Jessica Lovejoy Naughty Icon "And while you are searching for your eyeballs, you trip and fall down the stairs, breaking every bone in your body."
Bart Sad Icon "So much agony and slapstick! Enough, enough I'll do it!"


Character Dialogue
Rev. Lovejoy Surprised Icon "Bart Simpson are you stealing from the church?! AGAIN?!"
Bart Sad Icon "But I didn't want to do it! ... this time."
Bart Sad Icon "Jessica made me. She said she was from the future and if I didn't do what she said, my eyeballs would pop out of my head."
Bart Sad Icon "And I would trip over them and break every bone in my body."
Bart Icon "Which I'm just now realizing was the plot to yesterday's Itchy and Scratchy cartoon."
Rev. Lovejoy Sad Icon "Jessica Lovejoy! I can't believe how much I can believe you would do this."
Jessica Lovejoy Icon "But I didn't do it, Daddy."
Jessica Lovejoy Icon "You said you'd ignore me if I was bad and you're talking to me. So by that logic, I can't have done anything wrong."
Jessica Lovejoy Icon "But I only did it to show how the media is unfairly biased against women!"
Homer Icon "Her circular logic checks out."
Homer Annoyed Icon "Bart! How DARE you blame an innocent girl for this crime!"
Bart Surprised Icon "Dad, she's stealing your wallet right now!"
Homer Furious Icon "Now you're questioning your father?! Sounds like someone needs double the punishment! Go to your room! TWICE!"

Back from the Future Pt. 6Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Angry Icon "That's it, Jessica you've gone too far. Lying about the future? You know that's my favorite time period. We're done."
Jessica Lovejoy Bored Icon "Oh Bart, you'll be back."
Bart Angry Icon "Just think of me as the Anti Terminator -- I'll never be back!"
Bart Sad Icon "That sounded cooler in my head."
Jessica Lovejoy Icon "That's too bad... I was hoping we could go get ice cream together."
Bart Angry Icon "Fat chance!"
Jessica Lovejoy Naughty Icon "Great idea - we could eat it in front of the kids just getting back from Fat Camp."
Bart Icon "Well..."
Bart Angry Icon "...Ok. But then AFTER THAT we're done."
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