Arnie Pye in the Sky is a quest chain involving the premium character, Arnie Pye. The quest chain consists of 6 parts.


Quest Requirements Reward
Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt.1 Make Arnie Pye Do a Traffic Report Cash700
Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt.2 Make Arnie Pye Walk Newshound Cash520
Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt.3 Make Arnie Pye Do a Sky Harness Interview Cash205
Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt.4 Make Comic Book Guy Eat at Gulp 'N' Blow Cash170
Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt.5 Make Arnie Pye Take Over as News Anchor Cash360
Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt.6 Make Arnie Pye Do a Traffic Report Cash700


Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt.1Edit

Character Dialogue
Arnie Pye Icon "Finally! How can you have Springfield without Arnie Pye!"
Homer Icon "My thoughts exactly. Who’s Arnie Pye?"
Arnie Pye Icon "I am. You know, “Arnie Pye, with Arnie in the Sky”... where "Pye in the Sky" would be better... that's the joke."
Homer Icon "Oh, right -- Duffman."
Arnie Pye Icon "No! I do the traffic report on Channel 6. Now you’ll have to get out of my helicopter – it’s not rated to lift your load."

Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt.2Edit

Character Dialogue
Arnie Pye Icon "Hey, it’s the Channel 6 mascot dog, Newshound! You all alone out here, buddy?"
"Sort of forgotten and unappreciated by the Channel 6 powers-that-be. Just like your pal Arnie Pye."
"Let’s go for a walk. Maybe we’ll give Kent Brockman’s house a nice long visit and you can break a story on his lawn."

Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt.3Edit


Character Dialogue
Arnie Pye Icon "This is Arnie Pye with your in-depth, rush hour traffic. Everything looks fine. Surprisingly, there is not a car on the street!"
Brockman Icon "Yes, it is surprising that you can't place cars on the street."
"But Arnie, we need more excitement. How about you do your report hanging out of the helicopter in a sky harness?"
Arnie Pye Icon "That’s sounds incredibly dangerous. Why don't you hang out of a sky harness, Kent?"
Brockman Icon "I could never afford to have my thick hair messed up by that kind of wind. You, however, well… just put a lot of sunscreen on your scalp."


Character Dialogue
Arnie Pye Upset Icon "What made you think that would be a good idea, Brockman!? The news copter went out of control and I was dangling helplessly underneath the entire time!"
Brockman Icon "Yes, it was hilarious! We're going to run footage of it for a story tonight at eleven."

Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt.4Edit


Character Dialogue
Comic Book Guy Icon "This local-news-helicopter-fail footage is internet viral gold."
"I must be the first to post it! But it will take four hours to upload. I’ll use that time to do something productive."
"Like ride my “large man scooter” to Gulp ‘N’ Blow!"

Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt.5Edit


Character Dialogue
Brockman Icon "Pye?! You’re not allowed to sit in my anchor chair? It requires that you look Anderson Cooper-distinguished or better."
Arnie Pye Icon "Oh, Kent, I’m so sorry – you didn’t hear? My internet clip went viral. It had more viewers than your show has had in twenty years."
Brockman Icon "But that would mean… twenty-five thousand people?"
Arnie Pye Icon "Try twenty-five million people. I’m a sensation. Bobby Moynihan played me in a sketch on SNL! Who’s played you on SNL, Kent?"
Brockman Icon "Nobody yet. But I’ve always thought Alec Baldwin has the right mixture of gravitas and looks to lampoon me properly."
Arnie Pye Icon "Pfft, he’s not even a regular! So there’s no way your parody could be a recurring character. That dream’s as dead as your anchor job."


Character Dialogue
Comic Book Guy Icon "When he’s not hilariously dangling from a helicopter, Arnie Pye is as boring as the drill in the movie “Armaggedon”."
"Actually, that drill bored into the asteroid quite effectively. Which was preposterous!"
"Besides, Arnie Pye’s viral video is three days old now... which by internet standard means it’s over. Dead."
"As Dead as Bruce Willis in “Armageddon.” Spoiler alert. Oh please, you were never going to see it."

Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt.6Edit


Character Dialogue
Arnie Pye Upset Icon "What?! I’m being replaced as anchor?"
Brockman Icon "Too bad, Pye. It turns out people only like you when you’re making an idiot out of yourself."
"But the good news is… there’s a giraffe loose on the Odgenville Highway. Time to rev those rotors!"
Arnie Pye Icon "(Sigh)"


  • When sending Arnie Pye to do the Do a Traffic Report or Do a Sky Harness Interview. It creates the similar visual of when Santa Homer he does the Fly Santa's Sleigh task and Norbert Van Houten when he does the Fly Loops task where the charcater will occasionally fly over the Player's Springfield. These are the only two in-game characters currently who share this trait.
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