Animal Track was a limited-time currency released on August 15, 2018, for the Moe's Ark 2018 Event. It was the Event's Act 2 Personal Prize currency. When Act 2 ended on August 29, 2018, Animal Track was replaced by Animal DNA.

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

Animal Track could have been obtained in the following ways:

  • Sending characters to Volunteer at animal habitats (e.g. Baboon County, USA) could have earned basically 40 Animal Track per one finished job. Plus Attraction Bonus.
    • New premium characters could have earned basically 80 Animal Track per job.
  • Tapping Zoo Visitors in the player's Springfield could have earned 4 Animal Track per visitor tapped.
    • Activating the Animal Feeding Area could have instantly collected all Zoo Visitors, but haven't changed earnings.
  • Tapping Zoo Visitors in friends' Springfields could have earned 4 Animal Track per visitor tapped (only for 10 Springfields / 30 visitors per day).
    • Purchasing the Invasive Species Plan would have doubled the amount of Animal Track a player could have earned via friend actions.
  • Sending Invasive Tadpoles to friends' Springfields (max. 10 tadpoles per one Springfield) could have earned 2 Animal Track per tadpole sent.
  • Tapping Invasive Toads released by friends to the player's Springfield could have earned 4 Animal Track per toads tapped.
  • Finishing some quests in the main questline of the Act 2 Take the Monkey and Run could have earned 100 Animal Track.
  • Finishing some temporary or quest based jobs could have earned diverse amount of Animal Track.
  • During the event, new challenges replaced the usual Daily Challenges. Player could have won 400 Animal Track per day during Act 2.

Prizes[edit | edit source]

Image Name Animal Track to Collect
Squid and Sailor Squid and Sailor Animal Track4000
Free Land Token Free Land Token Animal Track11400
Slimu Auditorium Slimu Auditorium Animal Track19000
3000 Sanctuary Grants Pack 3000 Sanctuary Grants Animal Track26800
Great Plains Great Plains Animal Track35000
Free Land Token Free Land Token Animal Track43700
T-Rex T-Rex Animal Track57000

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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