The Android's Dungeon is a building in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It is owned by Comic Book Guy and also unlocks him upon completion. It is the only comic store available in the game currently.

About Edit

Owned and run by local resident Comic Book Guy, The Android's Dungeon is Springfield's premiere location to purchase comic books and baseball cards. The store's motto is "Take me to your baseball cards and comics," spoken by a cardboard cutout of a robot on display in the store's window.

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Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs


  • Speak Japanese with Kumiko - 6h


  • Loiter at Android's Dungeon - 30m


  • Work at the Dungeon - 2h

Comic Book Guy

  • Sell Comics - 24h

Cool Homer

  • Peruse Graphic Novels - 2h


  • Sign Autographs - 24h


  • Ogle Nerd Candy - 12h

Laura Powers

  • Mess with Teenage Minds - 12h

Matt Groening

  • Meet With Fans - 4h


  • Loiter at Android's Dungeon - 30m

Shadow Knight

  • Play Swords And Slaughter - 60m

Sidekick Milhouse

  • Attend a Comic Expo - 8h

Space Mutant

  • Sign Autographs - 12h

The Collector

  • Practice Swordsmanship - 8h
  • Snipe Online Auctions - 12h
  • Sort His Collection - 24h

Wizard Martin

  • Ace an Online Fantasy Trivia Test - 60m
  • Engage in Single Combat - 4h

Event's Quest Based Jobs

Wizard Martin

  • Ace an Online Fantasy Trivia Test - 4h

Limited Time


  • Question Comic Book Guy - 4h


  • Get Belittled By Nerds - 12h


  • Sign Autographs - 10h


  • Visit the Android's Dungeon - 8h

Tribal Chief

  • Visit the Android's Dungeon - 8h

Superheroes 2015 Event Edit

During the Superheroes 2015 Event the Android's Dungeon had an additional function. Players could craft items there, similar to the Make-a-Thing Workshop during the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event. Crafting was unlocked upon completion of The Collector Pt. 3. In order to be able to craft the other items, the player had to craft the Botanical Garden first.

All items, except for the Botanical Garden and the Zenith City Times, could be crafted multiple times.

If the player didn't have the required materials for an item, they could obtain it anyway by spending Donuts.

Superheroes' Prizes Edit


Name Cost Max. Cost to Rush
Zenith City Times Cape30, Handcuffs15, Lockpick100 Donuts395
Zenith City Apartments Cape15, Phone15 Donuts105
Zenith City Lofts Handcuffs10, Lockpick65 Donuts180
Zenith City Store Front Handcuffs10, Phone20 Donuts110
Botanical Garden Lockpick5 Donuts10


Name Cost Max. Cost to Rush
Zenith City Phone Booth Lockpick10, Phone5 Donuts35

Superheroes' Obtaining Crafting Materials Edit

Crafting materials were obtained in different ways. The following table gives an overview of the currencies and how they could be obtained.

Currency How to Obtain Chance to Obtain
Cape1 Collecting income from the Superior Squad HQ 100%
Handcuffs1 Defeating a Felon 100%
Lockpick1 Catching criminals in the players Springfield 10%
Phone1 Reporting a crime in a friends town 20%

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