Ammo(Ammoicon.png) was a type of collectible item released during the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event. It was used to shoot down the Rigellian UFOs that were seen flying around a Neighbor's Springfield. Ammo could be collected three different ways: it had a small chance of being dropped when tapping on Rigellians or Grem-Aliens, it could be bought in the store, or it had a small chance of being in the Treat Bags. The Ray Gun, even if owned from previous Events, would also spawn 1 Ammo every 8 hours.

Image Name Cost
5 Ammo Donuts15

Rigellian UFOs[edit | edit source]


Rigellian UFOs had a 25% chance of spawning in Neighbor's town, and it could only be shot down using Ammo.

Odds[edit | edit source]

When UFOs were shot down, they yielded prizes varying from the treats found in Treat Bags, to the Treat Bags themselves, to even a chance of getting Donuts.

Item Chance of winning
Bronze Treat Bag 20%
Candycorn.png25 10%
Silver Treat Bag 10%
Gold Treat Bag 10%
Gummybear.png50 10%
Chocolatebar.png20 5%
Pumpkin.png20 5%
Donuts30 1%
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