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Alley's Well that Ends Well is a limited time short questline unlocked when the player builds the Alley McBalls. It was released on July 3, 2015, during the Tap Ball 2015 Event's Act 2.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Alley's Well that Ends Well Make Bowlers Fight for Free Stuff (x10) 16h Cash100, Experience10 Auto


Alley's Well that Ends Well[]

Character Dialogue
Moe Icon.png "Hey, look! There's a new store in town. And it sells... bowling supplies."
Moe Icon.png "Because there's a lot of bowling-supplies-only stores in the real world, right?"
Moe Angry Icon.png "Are we completely abandoning the idea that Springfield is IN ANY WAY based on real life? Is that what we're doing?"
Homer Guilty Icon.png "Well, Alley McBalls' name IS a lame pun on a briefly-popular, late-1990s TV dramedy. That's pretty realistic, right?"
Moe Icon.png "I give up. Just tell us what mission we're supposed to do at “Alley McBalls”, and we'll do it."
Moe Icon.png "Unless, of course, we pass out from laughing at that HILARIOUS NAME."
Homer Guilty Icon.png "Well, it says we're supposed to make ten bowlers “Fight for Free Stuff.” But Moe, if you don't want to--"
Moe Angry Icon.png "No, I'm sick of caring! Let's just do this!"
Moe Angry Icon.png "Then afterwards, maybe I'll head over to “Boston Eagle” to buy some eagle food to feed my pet eagle."
Moe Angry Icon.png "That's all they sell there. It's also very realistic."
Moe Angry Icon.png "THEN... it's over to “Touched by an Angel Food Cake.” Guess what they sell?"
Homer Guilty Icon.png "Moe, don't do this..."
Moe Angry Icon.png "ANGEL FOOD CAKE MIX AND NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"



  • Patty and Selma aren't part of the bowlers, despite being shown on a bowling team in Team Homer.
    • Maude's Ghost doesn't appear neither, probably just because of the death of the character, and not the fact that she's a limited time character.