Alienation is the final part of the main questline of the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event.


Quest Requirements Time Triggered By
Alienation Pt. 1 Make Kang Research American History

Make Lisa Be Kang's Study Partner

Alienation Pt. 2 Make Kang Shovel Manure
Make Kang Flip Burgers
Make Kang Wash Dishes
Alienation Pt. 3 Make Kang Take the Citizenship Exam 24h Kang
Alienation Pt. 4 Build Rigellian Shrub x1 -- Kang
Alienation Pt. 5 None (20 Donut reward) -- Game


Alienation Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Kang Icon "Greetings Earth leader! I wish to defect."
"This time for real-sies."
Quimby Icon "Excellent! Lady Liberty welcomes tired and huddled masses."
"We are, ah, trying to play down the “poor” part of that little welcome speech."
"You just need to pass the citizenship test and pay the, er ah, substantial fee."
Kang Icon "What?! But I have none of your Earth money! And I know nothing of your pointless country!"
Lisa Icon "I could help you study for your citizenship exam. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good history drill."
Kang Icon ...
Lisa Icon "Mr. Kang?"
Kang Icon "Just waiting for any other option to present itself."
"Fine, I'll go with you."


Character Dialogue
Kang Icon "American history is full of impressive bloodshed!"
"Though why haven't we invaded this “Canada”?"
"They're only weapons seem to be hockey sticks and superior grammar skills."

Alienation Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Kang Icon "Armed with knowledge of your country I shall begin my ascent up the ranks of American power players."
"But first, could you spot me the cash to pay the exam fee?"
Homer Icon "No way. You're going to have to earn it the old-fashioned American way."
"Which is now known as the new-fashioned Mexican way -- doing jobs everyone else hates to do."

Alienation Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Ooh, today's the big day! If you pass this exam you will be *giggle* a legal alien!"
Kang Icon "Ugh. No further attempts at humor. It is painful to roll one giant eye."


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "How did your exam go?"
Kang Icon "Terrible. I passed, but just barely."
Homer Icon "Congratulations! That means you didn't try any harder than you had to. You are a true American."

Alienation Pt. 4Edit


Character Dialogue
Kang Icon "You know what would really jazz this planet up?"
"Lush Rigellian greenery!"
"I could use my carbon re-moleculizor to craft some lovely carnivorous plants!"
Lisa Icon "I don't know, carnivorous alien plants seems like a dangerous idea..."
Kang Icon "I am an American! Your concerns violate my constitutional rights!"
"Racism! Sexism! Sue! Sue! Sue everyone!"


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon *gasp* "The indigenous flora of your home planet is so beautiful!"
Kang Icon "Yes. Rigellian plants are far superior to your roses and your baobabs."
"Though I must warn you -- mind the thorns."
"And the toxic pollen."
"And do not let it invade your thoughts. It will steal your soul."
"Also it likes a little fertilizer in the early Fall."

Alienation Pt. 5Edit

Character Dialogue
Kang Icon "Thanks for integrating me into your society so very easily."
"To further lull you, I shall dull your senses with donuts!"
"Take them, and suspect nothing!"
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