The Adult Education Annex is a Level 27 building. It was discovered in the games RAW files on March 7, 2013 and was posted on the forums. It contains no new characters. It is the second Level 27 building following the Springfield Buddhist Temple, and must be built in order to complete the quest Buddha's Got Back Pt.4.


The Adult Education Annex is an education facility in SpringfieldHomer Simpson goes here and teaches a class about the secrets of a successful marriage, but fails, and puts his marriage on the rocks after his and Marge's secrets go public. It is a fairly plain building and is located in Downtown Springfield. The buildings action 'Pretend To Be A College' also links in with the same episode of The Simpsons.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Lenny Leonard

  • Teach Classes on Chewing Tobacco - 60m


  • Attend Anger Management Class - 12h

Miss Hoover

  • Make Big Plans - 60m


  • Take English Classes - 8h


  • Unlike other buildings, when tapped there will be no sound effect. This is one of the only buildings not to have a sound effect when tapped since the Treehouse of Horror XXIII Event in October 2012.


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