A Woman's Work is the main questline for the Level 54 content update that was released on June 17, 2015.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
A Woman's Work Pt. 1 Make Marge Vacuum Kitchen Sponges(cancelled)
Build Shotkickers
Cash100, Experience10
Unlock: Ruth Powers
A Woman's Work Pt. 2 Make Ruth Apply for Work 4h Cash100, Experience10 Marge
A Woman's Work Pt. 3 Make Ruth Have a Few Drinks
Make Homer Drink at Moe's
Make Lenny Drink at Moe's
Make Carl Drink at Moe's
Cash100, Experience10 Homer
A Woman's Work Pt. 4 Make Ruth Work a Plant Shift 16h Cash100, Experience10 Ruth Powers
A Woman's Work Pt. 5 Make Lenny Work at Half Speed
Make Carl Work at Half Speed
Make Ruth Work at Half Speed
Make Homer set up an Ice Cream Sundae Bar for Gender Equality Awareness
Cash100, Experience10 Carl
A Woman's Work Pt. 6 Make Smithers Do Paperwork 8h Cash100, Experience10 Smithers
A Woman's Work Pt. 7 Make Lenny Drink at Moe's
Make Carl Drink at Moe's
Make Ruth Have a Few Drinks
Make Homer move his "Sundae Bar for Gender Equality Awareness" to Moe's then drink
Cash100, Experience10 Smithers

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

A Woman's Work Pt. 1[edit | edit source]

Start[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon.png "Mom, you look sad. Maybe you need some friends."
Marge Sad Icon.png "No, I'm just worried I haven't totally cleaned the house."
Marge Icon.png "Now I remember: I forgot to vacuum the kitchen sponges."
Lisa Deadpan Icon.png "Have you ever considered that you might be displacing your loneliness through chores?"
Marge Happy Icon.png "But I love chores! I wish someone would ask me to vacuum more sponges right now."

Jobs Started[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Lisa Annoyed Icon.png "No, don't make her vacuum any more sponges. Take that down."
Lisa Icon.png "We need some place that will attract you a sophisticated woman friend. Maybe an art gallery or a feminist bookstore."

End[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Lisa Nagging Icon.png "*sigh* No one ever listens to my input."

A Woman's Work Pt. 2[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Marge Happy Icon.png "Ruth, it's so good to see you again!"
Ruth Powers Icon.png "Thanks, Marge. It's nice to be back."
Marge Icon.png "What have you been up to?"
Ruth Powers Icon.png "I spent some time in prison, recovered from a serious battle with alcoholism and became a championship bodybuilder."
Ruth Powers Icon.png "What about you?"
Marge Icon.png "Well, let's see... I got a new iron, and... Did I mention my new iron?"
Ruth Powers Icon.png "Guess it's been a real crazy time for both of us."
Marge Icon.png "Would you like to try the iron?"
Ruth Powers Icon.png "Thanks, but what I'd really love right now is a job."
Marge Icon.png "Maybe you could work at the nuclear plant. As long as you don't mind that it's a bit of a boys club."
Ruth Powers Icon.png "I survived two separate prison riots. I'll manage."

A Woman's Work Pt. 3[edit | edit source]

Start[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Homer Serious Icon.png "Now that Ruth is working at the plant, we're all going to have to act differently."
Lenny Icon.png "Here she comes. Make her feel welcome."
Ruth Powers Icon.png "Hey guys."
Carl Icon.png "Hey Ruth. We were just talking about how we like fashion, babies, small plate restaurants and Grey's Anatomy."
Lenny Icon.png "I love anything Shonda Rhimes does."
Ruth Powers Icon.png "I don't really like any of those things, but what I do like is beer. You guys want to join me?"
Homer Icon.png "Okay, so maybe not that different."

End[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Homer Dreamy Icon.png "Wow, Ruth. Being with you is like being with one of the guys."
Carl Icon.png "If you're just like us, maybe all our notions of gender difference are just arbitrary social constructions."
Homer Sarcastic Icon.png "Yeah, what he said. And you smell better than Lenny."
Ruth Powers Happy Icon.png "Got my first paycheck today, so the bar tab's on me!"
Lenny Sad Icon.png "How come your paycheck is lower than ours? We all worked the same hours this week, right?"
Carl Icon.png "It says female discount multiplier: 70%."
Ruth Powers Annoyed Icon.png "Wow. That's not subtle."

A Woman's Work Pt. 4[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Ruth Powers Annoyed Icon.png "Mister Burns? I'm here to talk about my paycheck."
Ruth Powers Annoyed Icon.png "We're all doing the same work, but the guys all get paid more than me!"
Mr. Burns Icon.png "I see. That's quite a quandary. By the way, do you happen to see an opening for a trap door anywhere around here?"
Ruth Powers Sad Icon.png "No. Why?"
Mr. Burns Diabolical Icon.png "No reason. Now could you be a sweetheart and dig a ten-foot pit, disguise it with some banana leaves and then jump in?"
Ruth Powers Annoyed Icon.png "Why would I do that?"
Mr. Burns Angry Icon.png "You question my orders?! It's that kind of attitude that gets you paid less than a man. Now get back to work or you're fired!"

A Woman's Work Pt. 5[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Carl Sad Icon.png "I can't believe old Burns won't pay you the same as us."
Ruth Powers Annoyed Icon.png "Tell me about it."
Lenny Annoyed Icon.png "We should protest. Let's stage a work slowdown until Burns sets things right!"
Homer Icon.png "I don't think I can work any slower. I pretty much do nothing as it is."
Homer Happy Icon.png "So instead, I will set up an “Ice Cream Sundae Bar for Gender Equality Awareness”."
Carl Icon.png "I don't see how that helps our cause."
Homer Woohoo Icon.png "A sundae bar it is!"
Homer Sarcastic Icon.png "P.S. You’re all chipping in ten bucks."

A Woman's Work Pt. 6[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Smithers Sad Icon.png "Mister Burns, there's an issue with gender pay inequality. To protest, there has been a work slowdown."
Smithers Icon.png "And an “Ice Cream Sundae Bar for Gender Equality Awareness.”"
Mr. Burns Angry Icon.png "Does the sundae bar have sprinkles?"
Smithers Sad Icon.png "Chocolate and rainbow, sir."
Mr. Burns Annoyed Icon.png "They are really playing hardball."
Smithers Sad Icon.png "If I can speak frankly, I think gender equality could be a step toward the equality of all people..."
Smithers Icon.png "Including those of different sexual orientations, and this world would be a better place to live in."
Mr. Burns Angry Icon.png "Do they have real hot fudge?"
Smithers Sad Icon.png "Yes."
Mr. Burns Sad Icon.png "Then I am defeated. Let them have equal pay for women. Start the paperwork."

A Woman's Work Pt. 7[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Smithers Icon.png "Congratulations, Ms. Powers, you're now getting the same standard pay rate as your male co-workers."
Ruth Powers Happy Icon.png "This is great! Thanks for having my back, guys."
Lenny Icon.png "Any time, Ruth. We're all about social change."
Homer Sad Icon.png "Uhmm guys... they just lowered our pay to match Ruth."
Carl Surprised Icon.png "What?! We need to protest!"
Lenny Icon.png "We already did that. I'm kind of protested out."
Homer Icon.png "There's only one thing to do when your paychecks have been drastically cut."
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