A Trot to Remember is a premium side questline released on May 03, 2016 for the Wild West 2016 Event. It requires the building Corral, the premium character Furious D, the premium costume Jockey Bart and completion of the D Biscuit questline.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
A Trot to Remember Pt. 1 Make Furious D Speed Date 2h Cash100
A Trot to Remember Pt. 2 Make Furious D Feel Young Again 4h Cash100
A Trot to Remember Pt. 3 Make Bart Ride Again with Furious D 6h Cash100
Furious D

Dialogue Edit

A Trot to Remember Pt. 1 Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Happy Icon Furious D! How's it going?
Furious D Sad Icon *neighs sullenly, meaning: “Lousy, my filly left me for another horse.”*
Furious D Sad Icon *neighs again, translating to: “I don't know. I guess I blame myself. She had dreams I never took seriously.”*
Furious D Miserable Icon *hangs head lower, “I thought I should be enough for her. But she had so much to share with the world, you know?”*
Bart Icon Not really. I'm only ten, dude.
Furious D Icon *neighs in indifference, “Ten's not so young. Your life is like, half over.”*
Bart Icon Humans live to be eighty. Or more.
Furious D Icon ...
Furious D Annoyed Icon *snorting with disgust, implying: “Well, that's fair. I get twenty years, you get eighty. Yet I have to carry you around on my back. Being a horse is great.”*
Bart Icon You're bumming me out, D. We need to find you a new girlfriend.

A Trot to Remember Pt. 2 Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Icon Well? How'd the dating go, D?
Furious D Happy Icon *neighs with joy, meaning: “I met a great filly. Artsy, but ground. It feels like we've always been together, but every moment is brand new.”*
Bart Confused Icon Ew. I mean, uh, good for you.
Furious D Happy Icon *neighs and continues: “It's like she sees the real me. Down deep, where I'm just a newborn foal, scared and vulnerable. “It's okay. You are safe”, she whispers.”*
Bart Annoyed Icon Let's never speak of this again, okay?

A Trot to Remember Pt. 3 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Furious D Icon *nudges Bart, pointing his nose at a nearby saddle.*
Bart Happy Icon You want to ride again? All right, D! Let's show the world what a happy horse can do!
Bart Happy Icon Let's head to Springfield Downs and get in on a race!

All Objectives Started Edit

Character Dialogue
Furious D Icon Stepping up to the gate now is Furious D!
Furious D Icon The race is on! Furious D is first out the gate!
Furious D Icon Look at Furious D go!
Furious D Icon And look at every other horse running right by him! I've never seen a slower horse than Furious D!
Furious D Icon I don't know what the term is for the opposite of a triumphant return, but that's what Furious D has given us!

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Sad Icon I really thought you'd win, now that you're full of life again.
Furious D Icon *neighs in realization, meaning: “I was just too happy. Suddenly running my butt off for a little acclaim seemed kind of silly.”*
Bart Rollingeyes Icon I knew it! Happiness is a liability to success! Miserable people are the only ones to get things done.
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