A Treat Bag By Any Other Name is a questline from the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event available to players who purchased Greta Wolfcastle.


Quest Requirements Time Triggered By
A Treat Bag By Any Other Name Make Greta Peruse Artisanal Treat Bags 16h Greta


A Treat Bag By Any Other NameEdit


Character Dialogue
Greta Wolfcastle Icon "I hear there are gorgeous Artisanal Treat Bags for sale in town."
"And Daddy owes me big time for not telling his new wife about his new mistress."
"Isn't that what holidays are about? Family and keeping your mouth shut."


Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "So what's the difference between your fancy Treat Bags and regular ones?"
Greta Wolfcastle Icon "Nothing really. But it's nice to shop and have your portrait done by the paparazzi at the same time."
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