A Sign of the Grimes is a premium questline for the Level 51 content update that was released on April 8, 2015. It followed The Tell-Tale Plant Worker launched after the Player has purchased the Forgotten Grave. A Sign of the Grimes is the main questline for Frank Grimes.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
A Sign of the Grimes Pt. 1 Make Frank Grimes Meditate In His Coffin 12 Cash100, XP10 Frank Grimes
A Sign of the Grimes Pt. 2 Make Homer Accidentally Annoy Grimey 12 Cash100, XP10 Homer
A Sign of the Grimes Pt. 3 Make Frank Grimes Accept Homer's Company 8h Cash100, XP10 Homer
A Sign of the Grimes Pt. 4 Make Frank Grimes Endure Homer's Company 24h Cash100, XP10 Frank Grimes
A Sign of the Grimes Pt. 5 Make Homer Ignore Marge’s Groaning Noise 4h Cash100, XP10 Homer
A Sign of the Grimes Pt. 6 Make Frank Grimes Have a Breakdown 12h Cash100, XP10 Homer
A Sign of the Grimes Pt. 7 Make Frank Grimes Find Peace in the Grave 8h Cash100, XP10 Frank Grimes


A Sign of the Grimes Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Frank Grimes Icon "Here I am, back in Springfield. It's like I never left."
Homer Happy Icon "Grimey! You're back!"
Homer Sad Icon "But I thought you were dead."
Frank Grimes Icon "It's Frank. And apparently, I was just in a coma which, of course, led to being buried alive."
Homer Icon "Sounds great. So now let's talk about me..."
Frank Grimes Icon "Ah, Homer. The old me would have been at your throat for such insensitivity."
Frank Grimes Icon "But I've done a lot of reflecting in my coffin, and nothing you say can bother me anymore."
Homer Icon "So I got this zit on my back, and even after I pop it it doesn't go away."
Frank Grimes Icon "On second thought, I think I'll pop in for a quick meditation."

A Sign of the Grimes Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Lenny Icon "So, Grimey's found inner peace, huh?"
Lenny Icon "You sure it's not an act so he can get revenge on you?"
Homer Icon "Revenge? Why?"
Carl Icon "Because you drove him crazy and made him nearly kill himself?"
Homer Thoughtful Icon "Oh, that happened?"
Lenny Icon "Just be careful not to annoy him. He might kill himself even worse this time."
Homer Serious Icon "Stop trying to be everyone's dad, Lenny."
Lenny Sad Icon "But I might never have children of my own."

A Sign of the Grimes Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Hey, Grimey, whatcha doing?"
Frank Grimes Relaxed Icon "Practicing yoga. It keeps my body and mind in balance with my emotions."
Frank Grimes Relaxed Icon "And, please, call me Frank."
Homer Icon "When'd you get into this crap, Grimey?"
Frank Grimes Icon "After that time you made me kill myself. I realized I can't change you – I can only change myself."
Homer Icon "Wow, that's deep. Just like your grave."
Homer Icon "Put ‘er there, friend."
Frank Grimes Icon "You... you want to be friends? With me?"
Homer Icon "Of course. Homer and Grimey!"
Frank Grimes Icon "Okay! And it's Frank."

A Sign of the Grimes Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Frank Grimes Offended Icon "Homer? That smell... what is it?"
Homer Thoughtful Icon "Top or bottom? I got dog slobber on my shirt but I also spilled old milk on my pants."
Frank Grimes Offended Icon "It reeks like burning tires..."
Homer Sarcastic Icon "Oh, heh heh. That'd be the bottom then."

A Sign of the Grimes Pt. 5Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Happy Icon "Marge, Marge! I made a new friend!"
Homer Happy Icon "Grimey!"
Marge Sad Icon "Grimey? That guy you drove to commit accidental suicide?"
Homer Angry Icon "Why does everyone keep bringing that up?"
Homer Serious Icon "Grimey and I are fine now!"
Marge Angry Icon "*groans*"

A Sign of the Grimes Pt. 6Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Hey Grimey! Whatcha up to?"
Homer Sad Icon "Grimey? Grimey??"
Frank Grimes Annoyed Icon "My name is Grimes, Homer."
Frank Grimes Annoyed Icon "Frank. Grimes. Can you not absorb that?!"
Homer Sarcastic Icon "Uh oh. Grimey's mad again."
Frank Grimes Enraged Icon "That's it!! I can't take this ogre one second longer!"

A Sign of the Grimes Pt. 7Edit

Character Dialogue
Frank Grimes Annoyed Icon "I can't believe I let this happen."
Frank Grimes Annoyed Icon "Years of peace and contemplation destroyed by the annoying habits of one man."
Frank Grimes Tired Icon "If I knew Homer Simpson was up here, I would have just stayed in the ground."


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