A New Hero Rises was a questline from the Superheroes 2015 Event.


Quest Requirements Time Triggered By
A New Hero Rises Pt. 1 Tap on Criminals to Arrest Them [x20] Auto
A New Hero Rises Pt. 2 Arrest Criminals in a Friend's Town (x3)
Report Crimes in a Friend's Town (x3)
Fallout Boy
A New Hero Rises Pt. 3 Make Fallout Boy Devise New Exclamations
Make Fallout Boy Practice His Moves
Fallout Boy


A New Hero Rises Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Fallout Boy Icon "What does a sidekick do when the hero he kicked sides for is dead?"
Criminal Burglar Icon "Radioactive Man is dead?! Criminals, crooks, and punks of all sizes the town is ours for the taking!"
Helen Lovejoy Icon "Won't someone please think of the children?!"
Bart Icon "Umm, Fallout Boy? I think that's your cue to be all heroic and stuff."
Fallout Boy Icon "But I can't. Behind this mask is just a scared 32 year-old boy."
System Message "Crime is running rampant! With Radioactive Man dead and Fallout Boy turned yellow, who will save Springfield?!"
System Message "This looks like a job for... um... um..."
Bart Icon "How bout The Sky Finger, lame-wad?"
Homer Icon "The Sky Finger! Of course! The nose-picking pointer of hope and justice!"

A New Hero Rises Pt. 1 EndEdit

Character Dialogue
Fallout Boy Icon "Look! In the sky! It's the Dynamic Digit of good deeds!"
Criminal Burglar Icon "The boss ain't going to like this. He needs those carbon rods for his master plan!"

A New Hero Rises Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Fallout Boy Icon "Sky Finger! Let me fight crime alongside you. Let me be a middle finger next to your index!"
Fallout Boy Icon "I pledge to you my loyalty, as I once did Radioactive Man."
Fallout Boy Icon "There have been reports of crime sprees, larks, larfs, high and low jinks in neighboring towns. We need to act... NOW!"
System Message "Foil evildoers in friend's towns by capturing criminals and reporting crimes."

A New Hero Rises Pt. 2 EndEdit

Character Dialogue
System Message "Remember to keep checking back to see if friends have reported crimes. The faster you spring into action the bigger the rewards!"

A New Hero Rises Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Fallout Boy Icon "A good sidekick can become a great sidekick with an arsenal of snappy catchphrases."
Fallout Boy Icon "By combining witty wordplay with my agile athleticism I'll be in tip-top fighting form alongside Sky Finger!"
System Message "Elsewhere.."
Dr. Crab Silhouette Icon "Hmm. It seems my little "accident" has one more survivor than I'd anticipated."
Dr. Crab Silhouette Icon "No matter. This half-pint hiccup won't interrupt my evil."
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