A Holiday Hymn
Ebenezer Burns Icon


Christmas 2013 Event

Release Date

December 26, 2013

Number of Quests


A Holiday Hymn is a quest that is unlocked with Ebenezer Burns on December 26, 2013.


Quest Requirements Time
A Holiday Hymn Pt. 1 Make Ebenezer Burns Ignore Holiday Warning 60m
A Holiday Hymn Pt. 2 Make Ebenezer Burns Count his Money 4h
A Holiday Hymn Pt. 3 Make Ebenezer Make Everyone Work on Christmas 12h
A Holiday Hymn Pt. 4 Make Ebenezer Burns Work on "The Weapon" 12h
A Holiday Hymn Pt. 5 Make Ebenezer Burns Blast Holiday Spirits 24h


A Holiday Hymn Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Ebenezer Burns Icon "Is there a more heartwarming holiday tradition than turning off the electricity of delinquent customers?"
"Let's see: South Street Orphange... off! Sisters of Infinite Mercy... off! The Cratchit Family -- shame about little Tim, but what are you going to do... off!"
Holiday Spirit Icon
"Ebenezer Burns! Change your ways before it is too late!"
Ebenezer Burns Icon "Excuse me, Spirit, but you're blocking the power turner-offer."
Holiday Spirit Icon
"Repent your evil deeds! Or suffer in hellfire for all eternity..."
Ebenezer Burns Icon "The only eternity I care about is how long this conversation is taking. Now where was I... ah, yes! The Springfield Home for Wounded Firefighters... off!"

A Holiday Hymn Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Holiday Spirit Icon
"Tonight, Ebenezer Burns, you will be visited by three spirits. The Spirit of Christmas Past--"
Ebenezer Burns Icon "No! No, spare me! I'll do anything you say! Please take pity on my poor soul!"
Holiday Spirit Icon
"Oh, uh, really? Great. Okay, first thing is to buy a fat goose for the Cratchits, then--"
Ebenezer Burns Icon "I wasn't serious, moron! Do you have any idea who I am? I happen to be on a first name basis with your boss."
Holiday Spirit Icon
"Actually, I'm a benign spirit of mercy. Not a devil."
Ebenezer Burns Icon "Oh, I didn't realize! A spirit of mercy! Well OF COURSE I'll heed your message."
Holiday Spirit Icon
..."Are you being serious this time, or..."
Ebenezer Burns Icon "No, you imbecile! Now shut up and wait in the corner until I'm ready for you. I've got work to do."

A Holiday Hymn Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Holiday Spirit Icon
Ebenezer, let's skip the whole "Christmas past" thing and visit the modest home of one of your current employees.
Ebenezer Burns Icon Is it Smithers? Because I walked in on him once, and I will not make that mistake again.
Holiday Spirit Icon
Silence! Homer Simpson has been your faithful employee lo these many years. And look at the squalor in which he lives. Shame on you. Shame!
Ebenezer Burns Icon Shame on me?! Have you seen this man's attendance record?
Holiday Spirit Icon
Well, uh, no. But I don't see how it's relevant.
Ebenezer Burns Icon He's missed fifty-four days this year. Still want to call him my "faithful employee?" Think maybe the squalor could be self-inflicted?
Holiday Spirit Icon
Huh. Well, you understand, I didn't have access to these records. Had I known--
Ebenezer Burns Icon Know what I'm going to do? I'm going to redo the shift assignments so everyone has to work on Christmas. Just to annoy you.

A Holiday Hymn Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Holiday Spirit Icon
Seriously, Ebenezer. I'm only trying to help here.
Ebenezer Burns Icon You can help by handing me that wrench.
Holiday Spirit Icon
Here you go. It's just, from where I'm sitting, it seems like a few years of repenting is a small price to pay for an eternity in Heaven.
Holiday Spirit Icon
That's a solid deal, any way you look at it.
Ebenezer Burns Icon Could you take a step back? You're blocking my light.
Holiday Spirit Icon
Sure, sure. Say, what are you building there, anyway?
Ebenezer Burns Icon You'll see.

A Holiday Hymn Pt. 5Edit

Character Dialogue
Holiday Spirit Icon
Say, what is that thing you've built?
Ebenezer Burns Icon I'm modifying the ghost vacuum from the Halloween update. Vacuuming is too good for you annoying creatures.
Holiday Spirit Icon
I don't like the sound of that.
Ebenezer Burns Icon

No, you shouldn’t.