A Deep Bonsai of Relief is a premium quest that is part of the Akira premium quest chain. It was released on September 5, 2014.


Quest Requirements Triggered By Time
A Deep Bonsai of Relief Pt. 1 Make Akira Plant a Bonsai Akira 12h
A Deep Bonsai of Relief Pt. 2 Make Akira Prune Bonsai Akira 12h
A Deep Bonsai of Relief Pt. 3 Make Akira Re-Pot Bonsai Akira 12h
A Deep Bonsai of Relief Pt. 4 Make Akira Build Bonsai (x3) Akira --


A Deep Bonsai of Relief Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Akira Icon "That meeting was maddening."

"Where is Cookie Kwan? Where is Hubert Wong and his parents?"
"Where are Tetsuo and Kaneda, my best friends that everyone in Springfield's Asian-American community know and love?"
"Breathe, Akira, and visualize mini trees."
"If I focus on my bonsai, it will help me stay zen, and other Japanese-y things. Anime."

A Deep Bonsai of Relief Pt.2Edit

Character Dialogue
Akira Icon "Aw, it's like a bushy baby Groot. Baby Groot – heh heh – time for a branch cut."

"This adorable little plant is totally taking my mind off the clear racial imbalance in how people return to this town."
"Who needs equal treatment of many when I can work on me?"

A Deep Bonsai of Relief Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Akira Icon "Re-potting a bonsai gives it fresh nutrients and helps it remain strong."

"It's as if when you live in a small, contained place, you need to change the old soil - kick up the environment - to keep yourself from wilting and dying."
"Could that somehow be a metaphor for life? Springfield equals "small place.""
"The stagnant lack of diversity equals “old soil.” And what would keep us from wilting and dying? Ah..."
"No, Akira! Bonsai is your time to let go."
"Bury your ambitions way down inside where they can be forgotten and never disturb you again."
"So yeah... uh... cute tree description something something pot?"


Make Akira Plant, Prune and Re-pot to get more Bonsai!
— In-Game Message

A Deep Bonsai of Relief Pt. 4Edit


Character Dialogue
Akira Icon "Ah ha! A perfect bonsai to plant. No one else in Springfield has these unique and mad skills."

"This is why we need to increase diversity. Think of all the useful and impressive stereotypes that can't be given expression."
"Who is to do manis and pedis? Who does math moderately better than others? Who dry cleans clothes using ancient secrets?"
"By placing this tree into the ground, I let an idea take root. Expanding the representation of cultures adds value to all communities."
"Also, that I rock at bonsai."


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "You know, your skill isn't that special. Any bozo like me can just buy your precious crooked shrub with donuts."
Akira Icon "But to be able to do without donuts what you need donuts to do, that is a special skill indeed."
Homer Icon "What are you trying to say, Yoda?"
Akira Icon "Having me do it saves you donuts."
Homer Icon "Donuts I can use on other things? Ah, you are wise! Can I call you sensei?"
Akira Icon "Okay. But only if the term has nothing to do with my race, and only applies because of my incredible intelligence."
Homer Icon "Sure. Whatever works for you."

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