A Day in the Knife is a questline released during the Level 43 update. It features the Tavern on the Scream in Krustyland


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
A Day in the Knife Pt. 1 Build the Tavern on the Scream 24h Krustylandticket20
A Day in the Knife Pt. 2 Make Homer Eat at the Tavern on the Scream
Make Bart Eat at the Tavern on the Scream


A Day in the Knife Pt. 1 Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Annoyed Icon "Why'd you bring me to Krustyland? Keg explosion at the Duff Pavilion?"
Bart Icon "I want to get an unhappy meal at Tavern on the Scream."
Bart Laughing Icon "It comes with a figurine of dead Scratchy regretting he'll never get to see his kids grow up."
Homer Serious Icon "But we'd have to build it first!"
Bart Rollingeyes Icon "Can't we just make some other schmuck do it?"
Homer Happy Icon "Ooh, good idea!"

A Day in the Knife Pt. 2 Edit


Character Dialogue
Krusty Happy Icon "Hyeh-heh-heh-heh-heh! So who's hungry?"
Krusty Happy Icon "Try Tavern on the Scream! So good you might just lose your head over it!"

Jobs StartedEdit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "I love the fake names on this menu."
Homer Dreamy Icon "Guts-pacho soup..."
Homer Ooh Icon "Spine-akopita..."
Homer Sarcastic Icon "Intestine spaghetti and spleenballs."
Homer Icon "Waiter, do you have a recommendation?
Squeaky Voice Teen Icon "I suggest the Salmonella-tainted Chicken."
Homer Happy Icon "Such a funny fake name."
Squeaky Voice Teen Sad Icon "That one's not fake."


  • With the Level 57 update on September 3, 2015, A Day in the Knife has been split into two parts.
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