A Blimp in A Blimp is the final quest during the Super Bowl Event. This quest starts when the player places the Duff Blimp.


Quest Requirements Time
A Blimp in A Blimp Make Homer Blimp Around 3h


A Blimp in A BlimpEdit


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "I can’t believe that getting a blimp in our inventory constituted a legally binding gag order."
Homer Icon "Please. Lisa. Everything you’ve said this update is so hard to understand. You’re a kid — can’t you use small words?"
Lisa Icon "Ostensibly."
Homer Icon "Plus we got a free blimp! That’s my third favorite form of transportation after fan boat and falling."
"You want to take it for a spin?"
Lisa Icon "No, it was a bribe — I want nothing to do with it. Also, you’ve been drinking. Also, the blimp’s tied down with hundreds of complicated knots."
Homer Icon "Yeah, there’re a million ways this can go wrong. See you when I get back!"


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "I went nowhere, but still got horribly nauseous." *retches*
"I love you, free blimp!
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