The Fourth of July 2014 was the fifty-fifth content update and a relatively small event released on July 2, 2014, right at the end of the Stonecutters 2014 Event. The event included all new content as well as returning content from the previous Fourth of July.

The main questline, Failure to Launch, has Homer, Lisa and Giuseppe working to save the 4th of July fireworks display.

Along with all the new and returning Fourth of July themed items, this minor event also added the Sit-N-Rotate, a site that has been in the game's files since the Valentine's Day 2014 Event.

New Content

Below is a list of all the new content included in the Fourth of July 2014 Event on July 3, 2014. Please note that after the event, some of the items listed are no longer available:


Name Characters Unlocked Cost
Giuseppe's Workshop Giuseppe Cash5000
Sit-N-Rotate None Cash10000000


Name Cost/How To Unlock Character Collection
Giuseppe Build Giuseppe's Workshop July 4th 2014
George Washington Place Ye Olde Cherry Tree July 4th 2014


Name Cost
Lincoln Memorial Cash100000
Fireworks Barge Donuts80
Ye Olde Cherry Tree Donuts180

Returning Content

See also: Fourth of July 2013 Event


Name Characters Unlocked Cost
Nighthawk Diner Rex Banner Donuts90
Lincoln's Cabin Lincoln Donuts150


Name Cost/How To Unlock Character Collection
Abraham Lincoln Lincoln's Cabin 4th July 2013
Rex Banner Nighthawk Diner 4th July 2013


Name Cost/How To Unlock Character
All-American Apu Donuts30 Apu

Happy Independence Day!

Players who logged into the game on the 4th of July got the following dialogue and 5 free Donuts:

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon.png "On this very special day, we'd like to take a few moments to humbly celebrate the greatest nation on earth!"
Homer Icon.png "China! No, wait -- Germany! It's Germany, isn't it? ...Russia? Man this is hard. Greatest nation on earth..."
Lisa Icon.png "Dad, I'm talking about America."
Homer Icon.png "What, this America? That's nuts -- by almost any measure we've fallen out of the top one-fifty."
"I mean look at education, income equality, percentage of population in prison, access to medical care..."
Lisa Icon.png "Dad, not now! You're bumming everyone out. I'm trying to be festive!"
Homer Icon.png "Oh right. Sorry, honey. Go ahead and lie about how good America is. I'll back you all the way."
Lisa Icon.png *Cough* ... "Alright: "To Americans everywhere, Happy Fourth of July!"
Regardless of where you are, enjoy these 5 sweet complimentary donuts!
— In Game Message

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