10 Leagues Under Squidport is a limited time premium questline released on March 9, 2016. It is a side questline of the The Marge-ian Chronicles Promotional.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
10 Leagues Under Squidport Reach Level 15 and Build Squidport
Make Old Sea Captain Reminisce
Send Yellow Submersible Down Under

Dialogue Edit


Character Dialogue
Sea Captain Aghast Icon Arr, a yellow submersible. An old first-mate and I used to sing our love of submersibles which be yellow.
Sea Captain Icon Then one day, he gathered up our lyrics and chord changes and dashed off to Liverpool, England.
Sea Captain Icon I wonder whatever became of him and those music publishing rights.


Character Dialogue
Sea Captain Aghast Icon The yellow submersible found something, it did! Let's see what we got!
Sea Captain Icon I didn't think anything was down there except the bodies of the many, many men I've killed.
System Message You technically found it, so finders keepers! Keep sending the Yellow Submersible on missions and see what it finds!

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